How do you get on a list??????????

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  1. I have been to a couple dealers and they will not take deposits yet, anyone hear different?
  2. My guss is, probably not to the end of this year if where lucky. Most likly the start of next year they will start taking deposits.
  3. Whats the base price?
  4. I'm the first on the list at my dealer. They had very little information, except knowing that it had been shown at the auto show. They told me they hope to have information/specs/pricing by mid-summer which is when they could take a deposit.

    For now, its a waiting (and nagging them weekly if they have any new information :D ) game.
  5. I live in So Cal. Just put my depost for the GT500 today ($500) and I'm # 2 on the waiting list. Not sure what the price is yet but I'm sure it will be under $50K. My guess it will be $38K plus a $5K-$7K "Fair Market Value Adjustment" A.K.A the bend over you impatient [email protected] fee.

    By the way I just got my plate for the car too... SVTS197
  6. I posted elsewhere that my dealership accepted a 1000 deposit from me with a promise to charge me msrp + taxes and the like.

    I'm number one on my list, but then again my salesman may be smokin crack. I'm going to drop by in the next few days and get a few minutes with the sales manager.

    Glad I waited and didn't jump into an 05.
  7. Im definetly waiting for the 08 model. i'll let the bugs and everything else get worked out like they did with the 03/04 cobras. also, i wont get raped by dealer markup.
  8. yea i'm with him on the waiting till 08 plus who knows when the new comaro and z06 come out they might do something nuts
  9. Like everything else, the "deposit" process is different at every dealer. My dealer will take a deposit at any time, so I put $1k down on one last March (yep, March '04). I have the receipt and the Salesman who I have purchased several vehicles from, and his manager both knew what it was for (since at that time, nobody knew if there would be a Cobra/Shelby/whatever). So, I am number 1 on their list, and last I heard they have about a dozen or so deposits already since the NY Show.

    Incidently, they also put on the deposit receipt that I will pay "A-Plan price at time of delivery". So, no "Fair Market Adjustment" here.

    Obviously, to each his own, but any dealer who decides to jack the prices out of the universe should be paid back by not selling any of them. I have to laugh at the dealers that had '03's on the lot for 18 months (and paid to have that inventory sit there) when dealer's like mine move the inventory, and folks like me don't even have to think about where to go for the new family car, truck, SUV, kids cars, etc. since we were taken care of the right way.

    Just my .02 though, and YMMV.
  10. I put 2K deposit on it... The dealer said; I'm gone a pay the full retail sticker price! I guest everywhere is the same???
  11. I suppose you ordered the "Ultra Special 42nd Anniversary Mega Shelby GT550 SVT Super Duper Mustang Cobra" version huh? I sure hope you don't get burned again like you did on your last Shelby. :rlaugh:

  12. Hey at least this time it will actually be a "Shelby".
  13. Yup, if he actually goes through with the purchase. I wonder how much trade-in allowance he can expect for a fake?

  14. I don't sell my 2004... I can afford to have both! If you think you gone a buy my 2004... Just forget it!!!
  15. I just got a call last night from my salseman at Marshall Mize in Chattanooga where I bought my '03. They are taking $500 non-refundable deposits on the new '07. As soon as I get it in writing that he will let me have one for whatever the MSRP is (or less, yeah right :rolleyes:) I'll cut him a check.

  16. Non-refundable, tell him to screw off. That is pure hogwash, considering he knows it will sell to the next person on the list when the time comes.
  17. I agree that it is a little chicken poop. That said, I'm perfectly content to have my deposit be NON REFUNDABLE as I'm getting the freakin car. I'm #1 on my local list, I don't care what color. Just give me 450+ ponies (500 would be nice), S-H-E-L-B-Y accross the arse, a nicely tuned suspension and a big fat warrentee. I'll drive the freakin wheels off this thing.
  18. October 8th is when I have been told I can order.

  19. Are we talking this year?
  20. :stupid: By that time i'll be 25, (21 now) and insurance prices will take a hike. And then its COBRA TIME!!!!! :drool: