How do you get on a list??????????

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  1. yep, October, this fall. Counting the days and expect delivery in the spring of 2006. :banana: :nice:

  2. Then they will go back up when you get all your speeding tickets from the fast Cobra! lol
  3. I just saw the pics and she's SMOKING HOT, BadKarma! PS - you're not so bad-looking yourself!!

  4. Does the dealer have to be an SVT Dealer or will all dealers have a shot at ordering them? :shrug:
  5. The few dealeships I've spoken to around here are not taking deposits, at least not yet. Maybe I'll just wait a bit and work it like I did my 03. Driving by a Ford lot in Virginia, I saw a redfire Cobra that had just been delivered and grabbed it. This was at a time when all the 03's were still being marked up at least $5000. The dealership honored the sticker and that's what I got it for. May not work again but I'll try :D
  6. Most likely yes. Cuz I tried to get a Cobra at a regular Ford dealership but they told me that I had to go to a certified SVT dealership for SVT vehicles. :nonono:
  7. I place my deposit down in March. I am first on the list(for what thats worth) at my local dealership.

    At first I thought that only SVT dealers would be getting them. This is not the case and was verified by the inventory manager via the factory rep.
  8. Ok, say I don't put my name on the list now. How long do you think before I could order one next year without getting raped on the price?
  9. Non refundable deposits. Sounds like the nonsense has started already! Ford has made it very clear that this is NOT in any way a limited production offering. They stress that they will manufacture as many Shelby Cobras as the public will consume. They are obviously attempting to squelch the "market adjustments" etc. that hurt sales of the 03 Cobras. Tell the greaseball salesman what to do with his list and nonrefundable deposit.
  10. Interesting. I called my local dealer (where I bought my 05 GT), and they told me that only SVT dealers would be selling the Shelby. I can't imagine that they would give up a sale to another dealer if they were able to sell me one.
  11. My father said he went down to the local dealer (only svt focus certified) to pick up his '02 GT from service and thought he'd check and see if he could get put on the waiting list. I guess he was the first one to be put on the list. The dealer said they have had many inquiries but nobody asked to be put on the list. Dad asked if they wanted some deposit money and they said they couldn't accept it until Fall probably. Dad knows the dealer owner and the salesman said it probably wouldn't be a problem for Dad and I to sit down with the owner when ordering the Shelby to get the car optioned the way he wants it. That would make an '03 Sport Trac, '02 GT, '03 Mach, and an '07 Shelby! Dang, I wish I could afford all those new toys. :D
  12. The fleet manager at my dealer turns out is the AZ SVTOA president or something. She took a $500 refundable deposit. It is refundable until you pick colors options etc. Then you're put on the list. She also guaranteed MSRP.
  13. I went to my dealership today asking about the car and the list. They said thier is no list and that I'll have to wait another 5 months to be put on one :(
  14. I'm definately with you on that one. I'm glad that I waited to get an '04 Cobra.

    I haven't heard this, but I hope it's not true. It will kill the image that SVT has always been known for, and the main reason my last three vehicles were SVT's: exclusivity
  15. I confirmed with my dealer in Detroit that normally, only SVT dealerships receive these vehicles. Their mechanics have received specialized training from Ford. However, Ford is considering allowing non-SVT dealers place orders for the '07, in order to allow customers in rural areas a convenient way to purchase and service the car. SVT dealers are upset, since they spent $$ to get the SVT badge.

    Personally, I think the vehicle should only be sold through the SVT dealer network. I wouldn't want a mechanic working on my baby that hasn't had specific training for that product. If that means I have to drive into town, that's OK. :cheers:
  16. Personally EVERYONE, at this point, is talking out of the ARSE! no dealer know when what is gonna be released for how much and when. Most dealers are taking a $500 deposit and still does not guarantee squat. The only people who are guaranteed the next Cobra (Shelby GT500) is the 2004 SVT Powerlease people. END OF STORY!