How do you guys do it?

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  1. How do you guys not have to repaint your bumper every year? I was washing my car yesterday and I saw my bumper had chips from rocks in it EVERYWHERE. The sad thing is that I painted it less than a year ago. :nonono:
    I'm pretty sure it might have had something to do with the sunlight shining RIGHT on it. But I don't think it will be that noticeable in regular sunlight.
  2. I noticed that on the old Dodge I repainted. Had rock chips in it within 6 months of repainting. A small part of me dies every time I see a new rock chip on the 'stang.
  3. Yea.

    But a good thing is that I had a big ass white spot under the drivers side mirror that was white. It was just worn down clear coat. It went down to the bodyline and about 10 inches back. But I sprayed some clear on it and you cant even see it anymore. :)
    I did the same thing on my spoiler., It had some white spots. That Dupli-Color clear in the spray can works wonders. :D
    And i also finally got around to clear coating my smoked tails.
  4. Don't tell me this.

    I just repainted my car before putting it away last summer. Now I don't want to drive it!

    wait a minute...
  5. get a 3m clear bra
  6. I just leave it, lazer red with good wax coat is so reflective you dont notice it unless up close or in pictures..

    DD's get dirty
  7. I heard that is mainly attributed to poorly prepped bumpers and FB hoods there is a primer just for that.
  8. don't follow people so closely? i've never had a problem with the front bumper chipping in ANY vehicle. and as stated previously, a bad prep could be the problem as well...
  9. I know its not bad prep. I helped do it and we did it by the book. I dont really get close to people, but it was sugar came season a while back. Im sure all the cane trucks had something to do with it.
  10. yeah my front bumper cover was painted 2 summers ago, only drive it in summer and its prob got about 10 tiny tiny chips, nothing big but still. My hood on the other hand got a nice rock tossed at it from a tractor trailer and put a chip about the size of a eraser on a pencil in it....dammit! But I know the reason why is because over the past summer they did sooooo much road work in my area, lots of sand and gravel on the roads.
  11. A clear bra? hmmm....Intriguing in more ways than one...
  12. lol

    Ive been thinking about getting one for my car. But they are expensive and then you have to pay to get them installed.
  13. Non factory paint job are not as tough as factory paint jobs. And it may sound wierd but the less material (paint) you put on a car, the less of a chance it has to chip.
  14. I don't photograph mine up close. That's how I do it. LOL - mines been painted 3 times. Has chips still. :fuss:
    BTW - it's not just rocks. You hit a hard bug at 120mph... it'll leave a mark. HAHAHA
  15. Thats why i had to repaint my bumper in the first place. My friend decided to go on a 10 mile trek at 140+ MPH. And it was during lovebug season. :notnice:
  16. Eh, my front bumper is chipped to hell, and has a circular crack in one spot. The clearcoat on my hood is peelling in a couple places, and theres a bare spot the size of 2 quarters that was touched up under my passenger quarter window. My rear bumper was the only flawless part of the car, until last week when I discovered a spiderweb crack meaning someone backed into my car at school.:bang:

    I just tell myself it's my cheap Daily Driver.

    Funny thing is it still turns heads and gets compliments at gas stations and stop lights. I guess other people aren't as meticulous as I am. :shrug: :nice:
  17. DSCN0596.jpg

    :bang: :bang: :bang:

    that's all i have to say...

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  18. how do I do it?

    Doggie style usually :shrug:
  19. repaints are less duriable...from the factory the paint is baked on....your repaints probley werent...also they is a flex agent that needs to be used on bumpers that a lot of people neglect or do not know about....real good thing to look for when your getting ready to repaint your car. i didn't put it on my 93 and i hit a raccoon and bug is my front bumper starting to look bare:bang: :bang: :bang: but the hood and front bumper really arent even the same color as the car either sooo.... i got the parts and wanted them thrown on before my uncle we got a close color... srpayed them and threw them needs a total repaint and that was my reasoning....some how its been 2 years and he hasnt painted it yet:bang: :mad:
  20. I don't have any chips on mine. My hoods paint is frucked tho. I plan on repainting it next year. I just want to get some other stuff done first.