how do you guys drive it in the snow?

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  1. Hey there. Im looking to buy a 99 Mustang GT conv. its my first car and its going to be my all year round car. I live in Rhode Island, So New england winter weather here is pretty unpredictable. I do want some of your opinions on how to drive it in the winter though. Ive done some searching and so far found that Blizzacks (or however you spell them) Are the way to go as far as snow tires. What else should i do? Should i add a little weight atleast? Its an automatic if that helps. Thanks so much!
  2. i did it last year....

    but snow tires all the way around...

    and add 50-100 pounds in your trunk

    drive slow

    you will be fine for the first couple inches

    after that, dont count on going anywhere
  3. Step 1....park mustang in warm dry place, lose the key until the end of April
    Step 2....quit pissing about and pick yourself up a suitable winter beater.


  4. :rlaugh: im glad i live in florida..........
  5. If i could pick up a winter beater i wouldnt be asking this question now would i?
  6. Place car in garage. Pump up tires. Disconnect battery. Add plenty of dryer sheets to keep critters away. Drive winter vehicle.:nice:

    Every year I read the "I wrecked my stang in the snow" threads. Sure you can do it, but they are crap snow cars.:notnice:
  7. petal to the metal and pray for the best! hahaha i kid but out here in california i live where we get all the elements and i have a 4wd toyota pickup just for those occasions. because to me its not worth my car to drive snow
  8. snow? what's that?
  9. I don't mean to sound condescending here, but maybe this is our way of telling you to use your head then. If you can't afford to spring for a **** box for the winter months, you probably can't afford to own and maintain a convertible for the rest of they year. I realize you’re just a kid and this being your first car you probably aren’t going to listen to any advice that you don’t want to hear, but remember…we told you so!

    Speaking from someone who's driven every one of his 17-years behind the wheel during winter months in all sort of vehicles, including many a Fox body, I'll tell you right now. Snow is no place for a Mustang!!!

    If you can't afford a winter beater, my advice to you would be to start taking the bus until you can!
  10. +++111111 Florida rules in the winter:hail2:
  11. If you're looking at buying blizzaks and wheels, that'll run close to $800. You can't find a beater for $800 that will last through winter? I've gone through a few winters with it, but I would really advise against it, if only because I don't trust other drivers on the road to handle the elements and not crash into me.
  12. Trust those that say driving one of these in the snow is no fun. Done it
    myself and I know how to drive in snow. It's not just you out there either.
    There are other morons who don't have a clue of how to drive in snow.
    It doesn't take much on the ground to be able to lose control. Like someone
    said if you can afford the snow tires just get a beater instead. You will
    be glad you did. Mine stays in the garage during the winter. If a few nice dry road days come around I will take it out.
  13. Here in NC, we don't get much snow, but this year they were calling for 2 inches of snow. They're normally full of crap, so I didn't pay much attention to it, but I did swap my wheels for the crappy ones that came on my car just in case we got a dusting. Whoever owned the car before me put some 205/50/17 all seasons on it, and while it looked goofy, they came in handy that day.

    By the time I left work, we had 2+ inches on the ground, and by the time I got home, there was 7 inches on the ground. The tune that was in my car disable traction control, and I figured out after not going anywhere at a stoplight that wasn't going to work. Luckily I had my X3 in the center console, so I pulled the tune completely out, and turned the traction control back on.

    With the combination of tall, skinny tires and traction control, I was able to slowly make my way home. I passed at least 3 Mustangs stuck going up hills driving on normal 245/45's, and a couple in the ditches. I attribute the fact that I made it home solely on the fact that I had traction control and had some tall skinny tires on it. My normal commute is 45 minutes, and that day it took me 3 hours to get home.

    Now that I've said all that, this year if there's even a chance of snow, I'm driving my truck. Mustangs suck in the snow......
  14. Bingo.

    In my car, my DD is a company Explorer. Which also covers the crap months of Nov-March.
  15. Not the best car for driving in the snow but it can be done if you drive very careful , Ive been caught out in a snow storm a few times and made it home , but I guess you get really good driving in snow from owning a DD `86 IROC Z = worst car for driving in snow EVER !

    I dont think I will be driving my Mustang if even a hint of snow is comming , now that I have the 4.10s !
  16. I didn't.

    With with snow tires, mustangs have lots of torque. Even with an inch of snow forecast, i would still get nervous about snow.

    In the end, i traded the Mustang in for an AWD G35 sedan just because I needed something I could drive in the winter. I was tired of watching weather forecasts and having to ditch work early to avoid snow and skipping going out on the weekends for even less than 2" of snow. Now, we can get a foot of snow and i'll hop int he G35 and just head out worry-free :)

    My other Mustang stays parked in the winter...the way it should be
  17. Jesus. Its not that i cant afford a winter beater. Its the INSURANCE id have to pay. My insurance is going to be like 200/mo as it is now. THATS what i dont want to pay every month. I can afford another car as i have $10k in the bank after the mustang is bought.
  18. No comprehensive on the beater makes it cheaper. Low mileage helps a little too. You can work the insurance down...
  19. No dude. Liability ONLY for the mustang is 200/mo. I live in Rhode Island. Alot of teens have driven drunk and smashed their cars. Ruining it for the rest of us to get a decent insurance rate. Full coverage for a Mustang is 350 - 400$/mo. Now adding another car? Yeah.
  20. well think about it like this 10000-800 leaves you with 9200 for the 5 months it will be reg'd leaves you with 7000 lets say and then if yourr working and putting some money away while working it would work out..

    being defensive with the guys who have experience, and im not one of them, is not right when your asking for advice. espcially if your saying you have 10gs sitting around. i dont know maybe im wrong im only 18 but thats just how i see it .

    if you want to flame me then flame me but this is an open forum.