How Do You Guys Get The Wife Off Your Ass When You Want To Work On The Car?

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  1. I have limited myself to taking a wrench to the car once a month (although the main reason is due to working so much lately) but even then I hear, "all you ever do is work on that car", "I wish you were as interested in me as you are your car" etc..... I believe in family time and keeping everything in moderation but geezzzzz. She told me the other day that, "most guys grow out of the car phase around 19." I quickly responded by saying, "who the hell has money to build a car at 19?" She is driving me nuts and I need some good ideas guys.
  2. Advice? Slam the garage door and turn up the radio. :p

    But in all seriousness talk it out when shes calmed down a bit, and figure it out. Maybe just me saying this so dont take offense to it, but maybe you think that yall spend enough time together but she doesnt see it that way.
  3. Dude, I still argue with the wife over my car. Typically, I will wait until she is watching some crap show like the bachelor or something to go in the garage or I wait until she is in bed. Or, if worse comes to worse, I will shut the garage, turn up the radio and get to work. *Note: that can sometimes lead to an angry wife who likes to throw stuff at you while your back is turned. After 8 years of it, the arguments are few and far between now. So, keep plugging along, eventually she will realize that b****ing at you over the car is useless and will stop. If you succumb to her incessant whining than she will continue until you finally quit succumbing to it.
  4. My ex didn't like it, and complained the same. What I ended up doing was having her parents watch her son one night and we went out. Then I made a schedule of what days I would be working on it. Usually when she was at work, or in the evenings on weekends when she'd be busy with other things so I wouldn't be b****ed at.
  5. All my GF's complained about it. Saying i spend too much time on the car..... Yet they always enjoy it when i fix their car *Knock on Wood*

    I guess my new GF I have right now is just hella chilla bout it, because she knows i work in the automotive industry and its part of my life.
  6. Glad to know im not the only one......she actually threw something at the car a couple months ago and busted the windshield out. I almost drew up divorce papers the next morning
  7. Was never a problem when I was married. Couldn't afford anything fun to drive. To busy paying fines/probation fees and jacked up insurance rates from the 8 dui's she managed to accumulate in our 17 years of wedded bliss. Then there's the drug habit (that got us kicked out of base housing at Holloman AFB and me an article 15, thanks honey!)I got to pay for. The Mustang was her replacement.

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  9. Me: I am going to play with the car.
    Wife: Okay, let me know if you need anything.

    She talks with me about my car.
    She listens to what I want to do, and how to plan it out.
    She has her own stuff, and doesn't even want to drive it.
    She loves mustangs and cars in general.

    I lucked up.

    Oh, she has her PhD as well.
  10. That's a keeper.

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  11. Maybe explain that working on your hobby car sets you at ease and allows you to cater to her needs even better. That's a good line. My gal doesn't mind the car. She understands I need my hobbies. Throwing stuff at the car and breaking the windshield may be a red flag. That's childish, irrational and bordering on domestic violence. Women know a good man wont hit them, but we can sure sit their pretty *sses in jail for the night.
  12. Tell her you want her help. Hold the light or fetch a wrench or something. After a while she will get board and leave.
  13. Wow man... im speechless
  14. Domestic violence has been an issue too but she knows ill take the beating all day . Its really **** up. I have told her it sets me at ease as her hobbies do .... problem is all her hobbies include intoxication. Sounds like jet and I have something in common
  15. Run! Run far away!

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  16. Only been married a yr too...
  17. Brother I'll just say this about the DV issue. Leave now or it WILL get worse. I hate to be the one to say it but trust me man I know.

    My wife used to say that I love my car more than her and she actually used to get all butthurt when I'd get on :SN:. Well I gotts me a new job that took up a bunch of time and then got my arse sent to Afghanistan. Since then the car has sat in the garage. She is now glad to see me working on it and I mentioned Stangnet the other day and her response was, "Oh, you're back to ole' Stangnet eh'?"

    Funny how that happens... PM, en route..
  18. My wife understand my Mustang habit, she's pretty awesome:D

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  19. Easy....don't get married :)

  20. Run fast and far away.