How Do You Guys Get The Wife Off Your Ass When You Want To Work On The Car?

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  1. It use to be easy, and she was very supportive, but now, it's getting hard too..... especially since we have 3 kids. But i do manage to get my time in.... I have too, it's theorapy in some ways, and an escape from the outside world's daily b.s.
  2. I don't want to preach, or tell you how to live, but... No matter the situation, DV is not acceptable. For yourself, just get out if that's happening.

    As for getting time to work on the car: I work really hard to keep up with things in the family, at work and in the home. Unless it is a an emergency repair, I don't work on the car if things aren't caught up. As others said, I will do much of my work while my wife is busy with something else.
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  3. My wife has been great, but she gains from it. For every "unnecessary" dollar I spend on my car, I have to give her the same in cash. She stays happy, and so do I. It isnt cheap, but it works......don't even ask how much I have paid her so far.

    I am also deployed a lot. I have been gone over 220 days in the last year....she knows the car is a huge stress relief when I get home. As long as I spend time with the family, she doesn't care after that.
  4. My GF is cool with me spending all kinds of time on my car. Her only stipulation, is that she gets to drive it after I'm done working on it. It's not so bad though. She drives a standard better than most guys I know. :D
  5. Its funny because she even ****es about it when I change the oil on it. She keeps going back to, "you should have grown out of that kinda stuff when you were 19" . I have now made it a point to NOT change the oil on her car. We will see how "immature" I am when her engine locks up.