How do you install a new distributor???

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  1. I just bought a MSD Billet dizzy from a friend and we are switching them out tomorrow, what is the best way to switch them over?? i have never removed a dizzy before so i don't know the procedure:shrug:
  2. Do a search.
  3. Hmm. It's not hard. You need to get the distributor hold down out. I can't get a wrench on mine so I bought the tool to get to the bolt.
    Put the engine at TDC on cylinder 1. Do this before you loosen any bolts. I use a socket on the crank bolt to rotate the engine. Locate #1 on the distributor cap, raise the cap and rotate the engine (clockwise) until the rotor points at #1. It's usually straight back. Look on the harmonic balancer and see if the "0" mark lines up with the timing pointer. At this point I would mark the distributor housing where the rotor is pointing, and mark the distributor housing where it touches the block, so you can simply line up the marks if everything goes bad and you have to put the stock one back in.
    Then you can remove the distibutor. DO NOT turn the engine with the distributor out, or you'll have to find TDC again. Then, on the new distributor, locate #1 on the cap. You'll want to point the rotor at this position. You'll have to pull the cap off, so mark the lower plastic cap with a marker. (My stock lower cap has a #1 in it..?)
    Now that you know where #1 is, and you know generally which direction #1 point to in the car, orient the new distributor so that the rotor is pointing at #1, and the same position relative to the car as the old distributor. Now, since the distributor has a gear at the bottom, and the teeth are helical, the shaft will want to rotate a little when it engages the gear on the cam. To compensate for this, turn the rotor slightly counterclockwise as you drop the distributor in the hole. The goal is to get the rotor pointed in about the same position as the old one. You may have to pull it up and rotate the rotor one way or the other a few times until it is right. Also, you are trying to engage the oil pump drive shaft into the hex in the bottom of the distributor at the same time. So it may not want to seat completely. I've had luck in the past where it just drops right in, or it needed a little pressure to get the shaft to seat, or I've stuck a socket ont he end of a long extension and turned the shaft to line it up better. You may want to make sure you have the tools in case you need to do this. (I have an oil pump primer tool now, which works great..)
    Once it's in and seated, make sure you have enough clearance to rotate the distributor a bit so You can set the timing without the distributor hitting something. Then button it up, move the wires (I have the distributor marked at each terminal with the cylinder it is for. Start at 1, go clockwise and mark them with the firing order..1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8).
    Then start it up and set the timing. (Spout out, 10 degrees...)
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