Roush How DO you say it...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by FalconGTHO, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. SAY leen

    Seh LEEN like Celine Dion


    SUH leen?
  2. I think it's SUH leen Cuze I think that I remember the Steve Saleen's nickname GAS-SALEEN (Gas-Suh-Leen) But I could be mistaken but that's how I say it. :shrug:
  3. i've always heard it say-leen.
  4. My youngest son, when he was 4, use to call my 2000 S-281 a "Special-leen."

    Kind of like his version, :D but that doesn't help you much.
  5. NO one knows?
  6. It is pronounced "Suh-leen".
  7. That is correct :nice:
  8. kinda like the ferrari 360 modena is called the mo-DEENa and they are named after the italian city MO-din-a?
  9. Sisleen, You are right! Mark :nice:
  10. Thanks. Finally.
  11. You know what i always argue with people on this. They are like it's say-leen, i'm like no it's not it's SUh-leen cause i heard him say it on C&D one time.
  12. Call them up and the receptionist will say, “Thank you for calling Saleen (Suhleen/Celine), how long would you like to hold?”

    It is not Saleen, as in saline solution.
  13. i also have always said it SUh leen
  14. suh-leen!!!
  15. i assure all of you its not SAY LEEN its suh leen :flag:
  16. This thread makes my stomach feels funny...

    I always say it say-leen.. sounds a lot better than suh-leen..
  17. forget about how it sounds man, its someones last name for god sakes. how would you like it if someone always screwed your name up when refering to u...come on say it with me....suuuuuuuh leeeeeeeeeeen SALEEN
  18. i have always said it suh leen but what i have noticed is that people who are not familiar with mustangs tend to say say-leen. dealerships that are saleen retailers and c&d tv are my proof to them.
  19. If you say it SAAAAY LEEEN then it rhymes with its long vowel

    but with Suh leen then people might get confused

    For example, you are eating some ice cream with your GF and then a SALEEN drove by. You point at the Saleen and then said "look! it's a suh-leen" Your girlfriend then look at you and said, "what? isoceles? Yea that's a form of a triangle with 2 angle sides are equal. But why are you pointing at that car?" Then suddenly I came up from behind and said, "look! it's a Say-leen" Then your GF would turn around and said, "yea it is, wow you must know a lot about car. My BF doesn't know jack and wants to talk about isoceles triangle.." Looks like someone just got :owned:

    Anyhow, you get the point.. I'm just bored.. to each of his own I guess..