How do you turn the Seat-Belt Beeping Off???

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 01MustangMan, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. I did it before on my 01GT, but now I forget how to stop the seat-belt from beeping... I always wear my seatbelt when driving, but I just hate it when I start the car and its idling, and that annoying sounds comes up every 20 seconds!! Dont you have to buckle and un-buckle the seat belts like 3 times turn the headlights on/off... Than I forget the rest.. Anyone know? :shrug:
  2. There are instructions in the manual. Just follow the directions :nice:
  3. I did not know we can do that.. :shrug:

  4. since you know tell us :D
  5. I didnt know it was in the manual, I will have to check it out... But it can be done, I have done it before myself
  6. Hold on a minute and I will give you the page number :nice:
  7. in the 2003 mustang manual it's on page 76

    for those who are lazy here are the instructions

    1 turn on the ignition swith to the run or on position do not start engine

    2 wait until the safety belt warning light turn off.
    steps 3-5 must be completed within 60 seconds

    3 buckle then unbuckle the seat belt three times ending with the seatbelt unbuckled

    4 turn on the headlamps turn off the headlamps

    5 buckle and unbuckle the seat belt three times ending with the seatbelt unbuckled

    6 within seven seconds of the safety belt warning light turning off buckle and then unbuckle the safety belt

    7 confirmation that this worked the safety belt warning light will flash four times per second for three seconds

    Just a note when your buckling and unbuckling the seat belt make sure to let it retract back each time.

  8. i'd look but i have a northeastern outside my house going on lol
  9. that's way to much work........ i am use to the beeping i don't even notice it anymore
  10. damn that sucks :(
  11. I haven't done this on the Cobra yet but when I did mine in the 2002 GT I was at work and you should have seen the looks I was getting from the people walking into the building. They must have thought I was mentally ill :rlaugh:
  12. Does this program the car to now not beep at you or is this an every time deal??

  13. I guess you're right.. :D

    I thought : Cool we can turn it off , but I drank too much beers tonight and it seems like a lot of work and too confusing for now.. :rlaugh:
  14. Your car will not beep ever again even if you unplug your battery :nice: If fact I think I am going outside to disable it now :D
  15. I never noticed mine going off every 20 seconds. Will this work on a 2000 GT
  16. It shoudl work. The light will still come on but the annoying beep will be gone.
  17. Just finished and it worked like a charm :nice:
  18. Isn't there usually a cable connected somewhere under the driver seat that disables the light. I know on my 1998 Integra I USED to have had a connector under the seat.
  19. Thanks Neo, those are the instructions I was looking for. I would do it now, but even here in FLorida, its about 50 right, and tribsober its not as hard as it sounds... Takes about 20 sec to do
  20. I just replaced my stock seats with my new Recaros, your drivers right side buckle has a 2 lead wire harness hooked to it. If you pull your seat and get at the buckle you can just unhook the harness to just the buckle more ding ding light.

    but this too will take 45min to hour, those 4 seat mounting nuts take forever to get off,(long bolts it tight spot under the seats)