how do you use touch up paint?

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  1. DAMN i am pissed. today i walk out and the chick that parks next to me must have swung her door open like a fricken gorilla because now i have an extremely visable chip in the paint right along the crease of the body on my 03 gt. i want to touch this up so you don't see the light gray primer. being on a dark blue car this thing stands out clear as day. i was thinking about going to ford and buying a bottle of the true blue touch up paint. but i don't want it to look horrible.

    i use to own a white escort, and the previous owner took white touch up paint to a few places and it looked like white out. it was completely raised off the car and it looked horrible.

    any help with how to apply touch up paint properly would be very much appreciated.

    the worst part was she came out right as i was looking at it and tried to play it off. she is the only one allowed to park in that spot, numbered parking in the gated lot. office told me they can't do anything that i would have to call the police to file a report with them. ugh.
  2. The trick I've been taught is to just put a dab on,let it dry completely then use car polish to even it out. Usually works ok for me.
  3. Don't, I repeat Don't use the brush that they gave you to fill in the chip. First clean it out real good with soap and water, dry it out, then use some alcohol on it. Your going to want to use a very, very fine artist brush the smaller and thinner the better, the one supplied is too darn fat! If you can find one you can try a toothpick. What you want to do is apply a little bit of paint to the toothpick or paintbrush and let the chip draw the paint off, apply in light coats...allow to dry then add another coat if need be. You have to wait a while to wax it and stuff...there is a great article on this whole process but i can't remember where i read it. If someone knows it please post, if i find it i will post it. Goodluck i have a few rock chips that i have to fix when the weather gets nicer :mad: . Goodluck. Dont rush it.
  4. ok cool thanks. i am going to stop by ford today and buy a bottle of true blue touch up paint. will wait a little to see if anyone can find that article and post it. if not, i will give it a shot with the tips you guys already gave. thanks again. i will take some before and after shots to show you all how it turned out. will definitly take my time though.
  5. right on, thanks. looks like a really good indepth article on it. i appreciate it!