How does a clutch firewall adjuster work?

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  1. The previous owner of my Stang said that he installed a firewall clutch adjuster. He has the clutch set to engage all the way near the top of the pedal travel, which I don't like.

    Soo.. a few questions:

    What does the adjuster look like?

    Is it located on the passenger compartment side of the firewall or on the engine side?

    How does the adjuster work?

    I'm assuming that these adjusters all work in the same way. I obviously don't know jack sheet about them, so any and all assistance is appreciated!
  2. Here, look between the AC hose and the brake booster. There is a blue aluminum FWA. You want to turn it clockwise to make you clutch engage closer to the floor. The adjustments are done from the engine side of the firewall.
  3. Sweet, that helps alot!

    I'll adjust it this afternoon when I install my EBC Greenstuff pads and TriAx shifter.
  4. The adjuster should have a small allen screw on the side of the part you want to turn. You have to unscrew it enough so that when you turn the adjuster the cable doesn't turn with it. It can be a pain in the ass to get at and I forget the size but it's small, the allen wrech came with my Steeda kit. Just make sure you tighten it back down before you drive it or it will come out of adjustment. Good Luck :nice:
  5. Thats funny, I have the steeda kit, no allen screw. Must be a new thing. Been nearly 2yrs I would guess since I bought mine. It says to apply a dab of grease to the threads so it doesnt move. Mine doesnt move, I think I sprayed it with white lithium. I drowned my cable in that stuff for hours while I was getting the old quad out.
  6. must be a new design, got mine this past summer.

  7. i just got the UPR one and it is like that pic, but has a square base about a third of an inch thick with 3 holes in it plus the large hole thats tapped, with the screw part going into that with an extra loose circle disk nut to lock it in place so it can lock the attached one and bolt part in place. The circle goes up against the clutch, and that one has an allen screw in it.
  8. I installed on my '82GT. Looked just like that picture but silver and did no include the 'allen' screw option..I don't know what compnay It is since my dad picked it out.
  9. Okay, I got in there and found my adjuster. Except I can't figure out how to adjust it. There's one tiny little nut on it, which is so close to the part that turns that I can't get a socket in there. I was able to move the part that turns a little to the left or right but it moves back to its position as soon as I let it go. The cable moves with the part that turns too.

    Has anyone seen this kind of adjuster and can tell me what I'm supposed to do with it?


    And for the life of me, I can't figure out why those links won't display as pictures. :mad:

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  10. you might have to hold the cable in place turn the lock ring counter clockwise then turn the bigger part clockwise or which ever way you need to adjust it.
  11. Fleshrocket - That looks like a stock clutch cable/firewall bracket to me.
  12. I think its an adjuster its just screwed all the way in... just loosen it up

  13. So if its all the way in it should be closer to the floor? I just put mine in and it engaged all the way up, and i cant get it to engage closer to the floor, so i tried opening it up(counterclockwise) and that didnt seem to even change it. If thats all the way in and it still engages high, should i loosen or tighten the bolt on the tranny fork?? :shrug:
  14. Loosen the adj. nut at the fork. If thats not possible, or if its easier, you may want to choose a hook on the quadrant thats closer to the firewall. That should get your engagement point closer to the floor.
  15. oh thanks, i dont think its a double hook quadrant though
  16. Ahhh okay. I could've sworn the previous owner said he put an aftermarket one in there but I guess not.

    So how do I go about adjusting the clutch engagement then? Thanks!
  17. I'm not 100% on that so I may be wrong.....I'll have to go check my stock one.
  18. you pull it the clutch pedal towards you and push in like 5-10 times, but that only corrects it if it's out of adjustment.
  19. I hate to sound dumb, but I don't understand what you mean.

    I'm pretty sure I must have to do something with the adjuster on the firewall. How will pushing on the clutch help if I don't mess with the adjuster itself?
  20. that is a weird looking adjuster...i dont even think it has one!
    if you want to adjust it a different way, chase the cable down to the transmission and remove the fork cover that it goes into. from there take some wrenches and break the locking nut and back if off some. then start playing with the other nut.