Mach 1 how does a mach1 sound with exhuast?

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  1. i just recently bought my mach1. im not sure if im gonna mod it yet. i was wondering how mach1s sound with aftermarket exhuast. i was also wondering what kind of mods are fairly cheap for mach 1s, and how much they help. thank you
  2. I haven't done anything to mine yet either, but I did recently hear a mach 1 with bassani exhaust...sounded good, very very loud though! I am thinking I may go with flowmaster or magnaflow. I would suggest checking out if you haven't already. That's what I did, and there are many many sound clips with all different exhaust set up variations, and you can listen to some set ups on mach 1's too! Hope I helped a little!
  3. The Bassani is the loudest, Flowmasters next then the Magnaflows is just a bit louder than the stock ones.
    I know. I have already had a pair of 2 1/4" flows with stock tailpipes then Magnaflow 2 1/2" catback system.
    Then I ripped out the Magnaflows and put 2 1/2" Flowmasters in with the Maganflow tailpipes.
    Whew! :bang:

    The Magnaflows had the least drone in the interior at 2000 rpm. A very mellow tone at the tailpipe.
    But I prefer the raspy, crackle, the Flowmasters offer. :p

    Oh, the 2 1/4" Flowmasters with the stock tailpipes had the worst drone.
    Drive you crazy at 70 mph.

  4. Hey you just helped me out! I was leaning towards the flowmasters, but wasn't sure. But you have had both, and prefer the flows huh? Yeah I like the sound of the flows too! So you were able to keep the look of the rolled tips too, huh? And are you really happy with the set up now?
  5. I have Borla Stinger cat-backs with BBK long tubes headers, and a BBK off-road X-Pipe the sound is absouletly insane. If you wanna hear it first hand gimme a call and i'll let ya hear it over the phone. I'm totally pleased. I'm am 21 though so I'm looking for something VERY loud and obnoxious. E-mail at [email protected] if you'd like to hear the set-up over the phone.
  6. Actually I have the 3 1/2" Magnaflow stainless rolled tips.
    Yea, I have a mixed bag though. :D
    2 1/2" Flowmasters, 2 1/2" Magnaflow pipes and the tips.

    I guess the best way to get Flowmasters in 2 1/2" all the way out is their american thunder system.

    I just know that putting the 2 1/4" Flows on the original tailpipes had more drone than going to the bigger ones. Go figure.
    Harmonics I guess.

  7. I wouldnt buy a whole Flowmaster system....They lack quality...however their mufflers Rock I have delta Force weld ins on mine. and am pleased for now....A freind that has a mach has barla stingers w/bbk Xpipe. OH BOY it sounds badd ass. But louder than most can handle ! If I was going to buy a whole system it would be SLP loudmouth :banana:
  8. I have the MRT ( Single Catted H-Pipe and MRT Magnaflow Cat Back and MRT 3.5" Rolled Tips. Very good deep muscle car sound, but quiet at cruising speeds. It is quite loud when Full Throttle, but not annoying. All Stainless Steel.
  9. I set Car Alarms off with my exhaust, it makes me happy :D
  10. BBK Longtubes, BBK O/R Hpipe, 2 chamber flows welded into stock catback. ABSOLUTLY LOVE the sound. Put down 305/321 with this and the K&N CAI.

  11. I have Magna flow cat backs not the packs but standard ones I love them they sound great low and mellow at idle and crusing but awsome when you get on it and as a bonus they outperform SLP loudmouths check out they have an independant test. If you want them call John at complete exhaust (859) 608-3583 I got this set up from them for 299.00 that is flat ou the cheapest around. Good luck.
  12. borla stingers

    i got a bassani xpipe w/cats and borla stingers. It's crazy loud. I bought some flowmaster mufflers and can't wait to put them on. i think the stinger mufflers are for show only:).
  13. I have the Magnaflow cat back and MAC Prochamber midpipe and it sounds great, deep and ballsy. I would recomend it.
  14. is the bassani exhaust on the mach 1 loud w/JUST the catback, or do you have to get the x-pipe too, to get the full effect??
  15. See the exhaust in my sig. I love it, mellow and bassy at idle and lower RPMs and screams at WOT. Definitly a different sound, not like every other Mustang you hear on the road.
  16. Jet-Hot coated Prochamber with welded in 2 1/4 Flows on the stock cat-back and 3 1/2 inch chrome rolled tips. Nothing like the sound of a Prochamber and Flows!!!!
  17. im happy with my bassani setup, its somewhat tame if i drive normal but sounds mean as hell when i get on it.
    If i need it to be quieter for say a trip i can always stick the baffles in the tips and it will be almost as quiet as stock