How Does The 94 Cobra Pcm Like The B303 Cam?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Clint426, May 13, 2012.

  1. I have owned an '87 mustang gt for over 14 years. I have removed the old 5.0 and installed a ford racing short block with a b303 cam installed. TFS twisted wedge heads, Edlebrock performer intake, mac headers, off-road h-pipe, super heavy duty t-5 from ford racing, and 4:10 gears. Recently, it was hit in Omaha by a young girl who wasn't paying attention and ran a red light striking the right front corner of my car. I bought a '94 cobra to replace it with. The cobra has 177k miles, a cobra r hood, and bbk exhaust. other than that, it all stock. Because of the mileage, I doubt it will be worth much in the future. So, I'm faced with this delima... Pull the engine and trans out of my '87 and put into the cobra, knowing that I will have to swap out the input shafts on the trans to get it to fit... or spend more money and redo the cobra engine... I guess my question to all of you is, how well will the cobra pcm work with a b303 cam? looks like the cobra stock cam isn't too different from the b303 cam specs.... Plus, would it be worth changing the intakes from an edlebrock performer to a TFS or possibly just use the cobra intake? I realize there are virually unlimited things I can do in this situation, but with all the options available, I find myself getting a bit overwhelmed... Just looking for advice from experienced tuners and builders and what they have found that works best with 94 cobras.