How Does This Engine Combo Sound??

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  1. So a friend of mine is moving on from his Mustang and he has offered me a 93 cobra engine bored out to a 306, with Edelbrock Performer heads, 1.6 roller rockers F303 cam and a GT40 tubular intake with a spacer. He wants to trade for my Harley Sportster I have in my garage that needs a little TLC. He is also throwing in a set of 4 lug chrome GT500 rims with tires, To me the engine combo sounds like a decent starting point but wanted some other opinions.
  2. It is a decent H/C/I setup with IMO the best looking intake out there for our cars. I am not a fan of alphabet cams but if it runs decent then it sounds like a decent starting point. The questions I would have is how many miles are on the block and why is he just selling the motor (what happened to the rest of the car?)

    I also would think if your harley was in decent shape you are probably going to lose some money on that trade. However you did say it needed tlc so it is ultimately up to you. Trust your gut.
  3. Yeah, I'm also not the biggest fan of alphabet cams,he was told engine has about 30k on it since the rebuild, not sure how he got the engine or who built it, he was going to do an engine swap so this engine is on a stand, nothing wrong with the engine in his hatch he's just looking to get out of Mustangs.
  4. I would likely rip it apart and at very least replace all gaskets while its on a stand and check things out. That is if you trade. Like I said trust your gut. It is going to be your call and I don't think many opinions will be weighed in on just the fact of the unknowns whenever you trade for a motor that has unknowns..mileage is unknown and who built it. I only trust a limited amount of people working on my cars if I cannot and whenever I have bought parts in the past such as transmissions or motors. I always break them down and replace the minimums at least. If not do a full rebuild just to be safe and then you know whats been done and who has worked on it.
  5. Thanks, yeah if I do make this trade I'll replace gaskets and go over everything. I also agree that the tubular GT40 intake looks the best. I have an Edlebrock Performer 5.0 intake on my car now but I like the look of the tubular GT40 so much more
  6. I would say that if you don't have any emotional attachment to your Harley it would be worth it. Assuming there is nothing wrong with the engine. . Sell the wheels to pay for the refresh
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  7. I agree with this if there is no emotional attachment it would be a easier thing to part ways with.

    Just for the purpose of the intake and if it is actually turn key ready it might be worth it in my book. I love the tubular intake and when I was in the market I could not find one for under 800 around my neck of the woods.
  8. before you tear it down can you do a leakdown or compression test? At a minimum, pull the valve cover, and oil pan for inspection.
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  9. I was just thinking break it down and replace with new with it already being out of the car. Just my opinion however. I know I would much rather do headgaskets on a engine stand vs bending over the fenders. Not saying they would need to be replaced soon, just would like to have piece of mind that the new motor I am putting in my car has all new gaskets.
  10. Yeah, I think I'm going to talk to him and see if he still wants to make the trade.

    I wouldnt get hung up on the tubular intake. Its not drawing the prices that it used to. I would say that its worth 350-500 depending on how badly you want it. no way I would go 800 on one. your eddy performer is the better of the two. in all honesty I would sell the tubular intake as well and go with an RPM or TFS street heat intake.
  12. I wasn't quoting prices from current market...this way 4-5 years ago. And that was only my opinion.
  13. not a dig or anything. I was just curious what they were selling for these days. Those are just the top 3 hits on my ebay search. I remember them selling for well over 600 when I built my engine. Close to a grand if it had the uber rare GT40 intake plate. It's still a great intake but IMHO its almost relegated to a show piece with all the used better flowing units on the market these days.
  14. Right I agree that it is more a show piece than performance however it is better than a stock piece. If I ever decide to redo my setup one day I will be in search of a tubular and run a supercharger the next go around. I don't need to run anything more than a respectable 12 at the track and would be more appealing at car shows than a tfs or rpm.
  15. I have the tubular intake on my LX and will never change it, just for the looks.
  16. This!

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  17. You say the bike needs a little TLC? How "little" are we talking here? What's the bike realistically worth? Now compare that to what the car is realistically worth?
  18. In all honesty the trades are about even, the bike needs just a couple little things, rear brakes, rear tire, battery, probably a decent carb cleaning, front fork seals. If I do end up getting this I probably will sell the tubular and just use my Edelbrock and use the money towards something else.
  19. If it were me, I'd probably leave the GT40 intake right where it was and put the Edelbrock up for sale....or better yet, sell them both. The standard Performer is a better intake, but not by a vast margin. I say if you're going to swap it out, swap it out for something that'll breath like an Edelbrock RPM II, Trick Flow Track Heat, or Holly Systemax II. That way, if you do ever decide to make some power with this thing, you won't have to replace the intake a second time.
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  20. I like the way you think lol.