How does this intake sound with my engine combo?


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Sep 13, 2002
Lexington, KY
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A lot of you guys are touting the Weiand Stealth intake, so I'm thinking about getting one to replace the sorry performer intake I have now.

.040 over 289
.200 dome pistons
Edelbrock Performer heads (60 cc)
Comp Cams XE 230/236 .554/.558 110
Edelbrock Performer 600 carb

Is the stealth a good choice? Will it fit under my stock 68 hood (do I need a drop air cleaner?) Will it mate up well with the Edelbrock heads?

Also, do I need a different style riser for the heater coolant hose? Or a different water temp sensor?

Thanks in advance for your input. :)
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Apr 17, 2004
That's a big cam, you might even consider a single plane if you have a 3.80 or so rear end. But the stealth should be fine. I can't answer the other questions because I have a performer RPM.

Check in to the weiand X-CELerator.


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Jul 13, 2002
Austin TX
That intake comes highly recommended, basically the same class as the perf RPM. I agree with 87gn though, I think your cam is too stout for those heads.


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Apr 21, 2002
Pensacola FL
I'll third that.
That's a great cam, but you might like a single plane/Holley carb combo better.
I ran a 228/236 on 110 cam with a 750dp and Torker 289 for years and loved it. Tried the Performer RPM, but the car fell on it's face. I had 4.11 gears and a wide ratio Toploader though... If you don't have gears, you will bog on the low end.
Used intakes are cheap... pick up a mild S/P like X-Cellerator, Torker 289 (not Torker 2 or 302!), Port-O-Sonic, or even Holley Strip Dominator and give it a try.
But again, you need at least 3.80 gears and a Holley would suit it much better, either 3310 or 4776.
Good luck

BTW: Port match whatever intake you get, but don't go any further with modding it, especially an S/P.


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Sep 13, 2002
Lexington, KY
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Thanks for the advice guys. :) The engine is already in my car. I didn't build it or decide what's in it now; I bought it complete from a friend. Had I done it, I would not have used the domed pistons, or such a large cam. But I got the whole motor complete with 1000 miles on it for $1000, so I couldn't complain.

I'm only changing intakes because I have it apart right now (long story, which I am about to post about), and it's a convenient time to upgrade. I'm going to go with the Stealth, mainly due to the fact that I still have stock gears, and want to still have some bottom end. Down the road I will probably switch to a single plane, after I upgrade my gear ratio.
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