How does V.8 compare to V.6?

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  1. No he doesn't have a 20B. When he bought it there were a lot of problems so he bought a new engine from japan, but it is just like the ones they would have from the factory. He decided to go with one big turbo instead of two smaller ones as well. He could probably get more power out of it but it is his DD as well so he can't go too crazy.

    I believe that some dealers in NY have GTs on the lots, but they are in the minority. It seems like supply is starting to catch up to demand but it is still hard to find GTs in most places. I guess we will just have to go back to chewn' our tobacco and grooming our mullets... :rolleyes:
  2. Sure do.

    And the bodies are stainless steel.
  3. Waste of time talking to tomabram. :bang:

    Got to love those 83 vettes.............they were real nice ones.

    Nice fiberglass car dude. Are those things worth like 99,549.52 used?
    I heard they run 10's with one plug wire off. Is it true, is it true. You da man.

    Go to and learn something about corvettes. You really have no idea what your talking me. Your a wanna be car guy, that reads magazines and has never been down a track. I know, I've seen your type before.

    Go to Bowling Green and take a tour of the corvette plant and the museum, it might enlighten you a bit. You are clueless about your car.........

    I am still waiting for those timslips of YOUR 2002 ls1 corvette running 12's STOCK :shrug: :shrug:

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  4. You Just Don't get it. 2MFF-Z28 Owns a Vette and A Camaro and belongs to The So Cal Vette Club. His Friend gp001 Owns Two Mustangs. I got these facts from actually reading this thread. Pay more attention, It may come in handy and might even save you skin one of these days.
  5. Yeah Southern California is a real hick area, we only have about 5 billion dealers here, and 20 billion cars. Good call man. :rolleyes:

    Yeah give me some phone numbers, I'll have some fun tomorrow.
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    I've NEVER seen a dealer with 10 new gt's sitting in front.....c'mon dude :rlaugh:
    You cant even find one to buy around here........ask gp001 :hail2:
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  8. Tomabrand what kind of chron are you smoking? You are making yourself look like a jackass. Serioulsy just stop posting. I own a LS1 F-body and you are full of sheite. The vetts are made of Urthane and some fiberglass. Your vette is not running 12's stock, never has never will. Maybe with some DR's you could do it but not on you street tires. Please you are making all of us LS1 people look like morons.
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  10. What was the original question? Oh yeah, how does a v-8 compare to a v-6 -- they don't. One has 2 more cylinders than the other.
  11. imho a v6 mustang is not really a mustang. I know that may offend some of you but its just something that i believe.

    Its kind of like, seeing a beautiful camaro coming down the road, it goes by and it has single exhaust. Its a huge dissapointment.

    i think this comparison covers it well

    1986 2.3L (4 cylinder)mustang - 88hp, 105torque -->1/4 mid 20's ~$300-2300
    1986 3.8 (6 cylinder)mustang - 130hp, 150torque --> 1/4 mid 17s ~$500-2500
    1986 5.0L (8 cylinder)mustang - 210hp, 280 torque -->1/4 mid 14's ~$5,000

    (im semi guessing at these numbers, i can't really remember, they're in the range tho, the prices are based upon my local prices, in canadian dollars)

    whenever i think of a v6 mustang vs v8 mustang, i think of the older fox bodys. Although i have to add, my V6 lumina with twinDOHC, 210hp, 215torque was VERY peppy and would take 80's 5.0's (on occasion). I haven't test driven a v6 nor a v8 05 mustang, but i can guarantee you that the v6 wont compare to a v8.
  12. The number one rationale for the V6 Mustang is that it provides the sales volume to keep the Mustang on the market. No V6? Probably no Mustang.
  13. I agree, not a big fan of v6 anything, at least for performance. It is just not the "same" car. Its a world of difference but to each his own. I see alot of people modding v6 cars to try to get them to be as fast as a v8 car, why, if your into cars, just get the REAL car to start with.

    no offense to v6'ers just my .02
  14. Back to the original topic...

    V6 = vroom

    'nuf said.
  15. Car and Driver ran the automatic convertible to a 15.1 1/4 mile. A manual coupe would be in the high 14s. Either one is faster than your Audi, and your old Mustang unless you've done alot of work on it.

    BTW is your Audi an A4? I don't think the A6 ever came with the 1.8T...

    In any event, the V6 Mustang is NOT slow. I've driven one and it does feel slower than it is...but unless your 302 has had a fair amount of work done on it, a new V6 would probably trailer it.
  16. 1986 5.0L = 15.9 in the 1/4 mile, MUCH slower than the new V6, or even the '99-'04 versions (except verts).

    I can't find a time for the '86 3.8L, but I married into an '84, which was basically the same, and it was probably a low-mid 16 second car. The 4 banger would've run mid-high 17s. No cars run 20s, except VWs...
  17. That's all nice and all but the 5.0L was fast during it's day. the 05 V6 is not. For the year 2005, it is slow. This does not change the fact that the 05 V6 is a very nice car to own. To all the V6 owners out there, enjoy your cars and ignore the rest.

    All cars are fast compared to an 18th century ox-cart. Technology will always make the past seem slightly silly, but studied in context, the older Mustangs were competative for their day and they gave us all the great stuff we have now.
  18. I dont think you can really compare the two models, they are different beasts all together and aimed at different buyers.
    That being said and to the people who insist on saying that the V-6 is not a true Mustang and that it is slow here are some numbers:
    1/4 mile numbers and 0-60 numbers from road and tracks april 05 issue.
    car 0-60 1/4mile
    Mustang 6.8seconds [email protected]
    Tiburon 7.6seconds [email protected]
    Crossfire 6.7seconds [email protected]
    PT Turbo 7.2seconds [email protected]
    AccordEXV-6 7.3seconds [email protected]
    AccordEXV-6Coupe 6.3seconds [email protected]
    Mazda 6 8.1seconds [email protected]
    Eclipse GT 7.0seconds [email protected]
    Altima 3.5SE 7.1seconds [email protected]
    Maxima 3.5SE 6.5seconds [email protected]
    Camry XLE V-6 8.7seconds [email protected]
    Solara SE Sport 6.6seconds [email protected]
    Celica GT-S 6.8seconds [email protected]
    Passat GLX 9.2seconds [email protected]
    Acura RL 6.7seconds [email protected]
    Acura TL 6.3seconds [email protected]

    Our 4.0 liter 210hp stands up for itself very well, and remember this V-6 they tested was an automatic.. :flag:
  19. I believe that it depends on your perspective on whether the 05 V6 is really slow. Compared to a GT and other high-end cars, yes. And I know this thread IS comparing it to that. But doesn't it hold it's own against the average automobile out there today? And as far as your argument regarding earlier model cars compared to the V6 goes, some of them too are still on the road, so what is the harm in comparing them?
  20. Hey tombatool, I thought you were gonna give me phone numbers of all the dealers near you that have 10+ GT's sitting on their lots. I'm still waiting, or are you too busy whining about your Vette and 1/4 mile times?