How does V.8 compare to V.6?

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  1. either you are exagerating quite a bit or the rental company put some sort of limiter on the Mustang. i doubt your 150hp A6 runs 14's.
  2. This is a forum of discussion, you can compare a V6 Mustang to a weeping cherry tree if you want. But beating up on a 20 year old car is simply silly. Now if the guy pulls up in his stock 5.0 (if there are any left on the road) and taunts you, tear him up. But the compared to other sporty automobiles on the road that were made in 05, the V6 mustang is slow. No one should be satisfied with a Mustang which "hangs with" a Solara. Cmon, that is silly.

    Hey, I barely lost to that old woman in her Camry, I mean she just squeaked by me. WOW, my mustang hangs with a CAMRY. I am so proud. :flag:
  3. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Hey tombatool, I thought you were gonna give me phone numbers of all the dealers near you that have 10+ GT's sitting on their lots. I'm still waiting, or are you too busy whining about your Vette and 1/4 mile times?[/QUOTE]

    There is no list. He his full o' :bs:

    I still haven't seen a GT on a lot that wasn't already sold before it came off the truck and the V6's are scarce as well.
  4. :cheers:
    what other sporty automobiles are you refering to?
    the V-6 Mustang can hang with the Eclipse, Celica, Tiburon. are those not sporty?
    Really there are no other cars in the Mustangs class, being a V-6 or a GT model. Sure you can compare it to a GTO or a Corvette or a WRX but how much are those sticker prices?
    I love both versions of the Mustang, I chose the V-6 so I could customize it to my liking. I know it is not the fastest car out there, it stands up on its own. Just so you know though I dont plan on racing it anytime.
    Hey the CAMRY is a pretty fast gramma car though you have to admit:
    Camry XLE V-6 8.7seconds [email protected]
    Solara SE Sport 6.6seconds [email protected]
    and I agree with you in that this is a forum for open discussion I only ask that we keep it civil.
  5. Every car you name above is a woman's car. And if at any point you claim a Tiburon is sporty, you should be escorted off the sight IMO.

    Celicas are a joke, V6 Mustangs are slow, period. You should commit and just enjoy your car for what it is and stop trying to justify your purchase to people you don't know.

    My god, comparing a Mustang to a Solara.....why bother, buy the solara, it is a better car.

    Hyundai sucks. And Camry's are slow. The eclipse looks like a used bar of soap and has had NO BALLS AT ALL since the AWD Turbo days.

    To answer the original question: The V6 is slower than the V8, the brakes are smaller, the seats are less the supportive, the suspension is softer, the wheels and tires are smaller etc, etc. It is less of a car at less of a price.
  6. I agree with you, kevin. There are a lot of cars out there that would make a mustang V6 owner proud to have his/her car, IMHO anyway. I'm not so testosterone based that I would say only women drive certain cars, and what is that implying about women anyway? I've seen/heard certain women on the board that seem to have more moxie than some men I know. I'd love to have a GT and may get either one of them or a Cobra if I have the moola. But I don't think it would be a shame for me to have an 05 V6, and to be able to compare it to other cars. I think the question eventually comes down to pride, and I mean that in a good way. Can a person driving a V6 be proud enough to realize what (s)he has, instead of wondering why (s)he didn't get something else? And part of having a V6 IS realizing the potential of what it can be, especially comparing it to the average or even sporty automobile.
  7. Keep in mind that not everybody buys a car for performance. If that was the case there would still be F bodies and the Mustang would be extinct
  8. I don't understand folks bashing the V6 Mustang. I have a GT but I got to drive a V6 5 speed for a day. It was really nice. A lot more enjoyable than I expected. Heck, if I wasn't in such dire need for a mid-life crisis vehicle :banana: I would have considered one.

    The V6 Mustang competes with a lot of imports and GM front-drive platforms in the price category. I personally think it absolutely KILLS most of them.
  9. I believe that if it was not for this attitude for the six that I would have had a Mustang a lot sooner, and can that treally be BAD? Lighten up we are all car enthusiast and in its class the six is Awesome. IMO
  10. OK heres a comparasion for you:
    "The 1995 Cobra was powered by the same 240-hp 5.0L V-8 used in 1994 snakes. The car reached 60 mph in 6.7 seconds and topped out at 140 mph"

    hmmm doesnt the 05 V-6 reach 0-60 in 6.8 seconds?? So which car is slow?
    yes there is that pesky speed limiter on the V-6....
    Look I am not trying to justify my purchase to people I do not know. I am just having a nice friendly debate. I love my V-6. I bought it so I could customize it to my liking. Could I have gotten a GT sure, but then I would have had to left it stock and that is not what I wanted, I know its a slower car and the suspension s softer etc. The seats I thought were the same, except for the covers, could you elaborate on the seats a little more?
  11. Wow, what's a Vette guy doing in this thread?

    Anyway, I bought a 2005 V-6 auto because I commute 80 miles a day, and this car is my daily driver. About 30 years ago, I drove a 1966 2+2 with a 302 and a four-speed. (Back then, of course, I was flipping burgers down the street from my parents' house.)

    For comparison's sake, a 1966 Mustang with a 2V 289 (C code) was rated at 200 hp. You could get far more powerful V-8s in 1966, of course. The 4V 289 (A code) was rated at 225 hp. The HiPo 289 (K code) was rated at 271 hp, and Shelby Mustangs went all the way up to 390 hp. Those are all gross horsepower ratings, BTW.

    Today, my 245 cid V-6 is rated at 210 net hp. Comparisons between gross and net horsepower are dicey, but you can probably lop off 25% from the gross ratings. Using that conversion, today's V-6 actually produces 6 or 7 hp more than 1966's HiPo 289! (And the 2005 281 cid V-8 actually produces 6 or 7 hp more than the full-race 1966 Shelby mill.)

    Okay, maybe my math is a little off (call me dyscalculic), but the point is that the V-6 is a fine powerplant in its own right. What's more, the V-6 delivers 25 mpg on the highway versus 18 mpg for the 1966 289, and the V-6 pollutes far less.

    Yeah, I'd rather have the V-8, but I don't feel bad at all about driving a V-6!
  12. You should be banned for bringing that up in relation to any muscle car ( 6 or 8) :p :D :p :D
  13. I love my Mustang! It just happens to have a 4.0L ... 'nuff said.
  14. Me too! I love my Mustang and it just happens to have a 4.6. You know, maybe I'm showing my age (I'm like -- 30 -- or so) but I still can't get used to a motor being referred to in litres (isn't that Canadian? eh?) Sooo - I love my Mustang, it just happens to have a 271.

    P.S. - Please no flames from our friends to the North, I just used to live in Montana on the boarder and purchased litre's on occasion. :)
  15. 271 = 4.4
    281 = 4.6

    :D :D :D
  16. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :owned: Sometimes I kill myself! :fuss: Thanks, I think I need a :cheers: for breakfast instead of coffee. I love my Mustang, it just happens to have a 281! Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. :D
  17. LOL! Yeah, my bad. :D

    PS: Your '66 coupe sounds like a sweet ride.
  18. :rlaugh: :nice:
  19. V6 or V8

    I drove a stnd GT lots of power-no probs, drove a Auto V6 was a slouch off the line, I think you got most of your answers why, chips, gearing etc, ended up getting my wife a V6 5 SPD, took off the traction control, got alot of rubber off the wheels I was actually quite surprised, bottom line if you choose the V6 and want to get good acceleration off the line choose the 5 spd, if you buy a GT I would hope it would only be a stnd shift an Auto just wouldn't be right.