How far can I drop in back with 10.5s?

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  1. I'm lookin into getting 10.5" wide wheels in the back, and was also going to do some suspension work at the same time. I was originally going to get the Eibach sport springs with 17x9's all around, but I'm thinking about getting 10.5's instead. Can I still drop it that much without it rubbing? Or should I get the pro kit springs instead? The tires will be 285 in the back.

    Anybody who could back their answer up with a pic would be awesome. :nice:
  2. Noone has 10.5" wide rims in the back and has a drop?
  3. Alright, I'll give this one more try.
  4. I think there are only a handfull of guys that have 10.5's at all on here...unfortunatly I'm not one of them...maybe soon though. I think that I should be able to fit 10.5's w/my BBK's :D
  5. I've got mine lowered 2" in the back with the Intrax springs. With 275's, I was rubbing just a little on the exhaust. The tires ran out of tread before they rubbed down too far on the inside though, so that was not really that much of a problem. Now I have 315's and had to move the exhaust over a little and flip the quad shocks. Dont have a picture where I am now, I will try to post it a little later.
  6. Here's mine:
    17x9 fronts with 275/40's
    17x10.5 rears with 315/35/17 BFG drag radials
    Steeda Sport springs
    I had to loosen and re-position one tailpipe, and I removed the dust shields from the quadshocks (didn't need to flip them) and they do not rub anywhere at anytime...not even with the wife and two kids in the car...

  7. rel3rd, looks real nice! Did those Steeda sport springs only drop it 1 - 1 1/4" like the website says? It looks like it may have been a little more than that. Looks real good regardless.

  8. Thanks. The reason it looks lower is probably because when I first installed the springs, I didn't have any rear spring isolators. I do now, and it's up maybe another half inch or less...The fronts only have one isolator. I have a new set for them too, just waiting for the Spring...or a decent day this Winter...

    FWIW, it didn't rub without the isolators...

    To answer your question, IMO with isolators and the new springs, their estimate of how much it'll lower is darn close...
  9. Here is a pic of my car with the 275's on the back. I dont have a pic of the 315's yet, but I hopefully will be able to get one tommorrow if it quits raining. It looks alot better with the bigger tires.

  10. Nice looking ride!
    I agree about the 275's VS. 315's. I originally had 275/40's on the back, and it didn't look bad...until I put the 315's on. ;)
  11. 1994_cobra, what suspension setup are you running? Looks real nice!
  12. Thanks for the compliments. The only thing that I have done to the suspension is the Intrax Lowering springs ($199 from Summit) and I have some Steeda x2 balljoints on the front end. The balljoints really made it look better believe it or not. It set the front fenders down even with the backs. I will see if I can't get a picture this afternoon of it with the 315's on the back for ya.
  13. Okay, here is a sucky shot of the 315's on back. I am going out of town for the weekend. Hopefully if things go right, I can get some good shots of it on sunday or monday, with the car cleaned up and sitting of some nice flat ground.

  14. 17x10.5 w/315 tires and eibach sportline springs

  15. Boosted94: What brand tire is that on the rear?

  16. Yokohama's
  17. Your Welcome
    nice stang by the way, i want a cobra front bumper cover for mine, are those easy to install?
  18. hey boosted... do those yoko's hook? I've heard that a lot of them are like slip'n'slides on the pavement until you REALLY start burnin them. Although, from the pic. it looks like you keep them on through all weather...