How far can you go once low fuel light comes on?

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  1. Just curious as to how many miles about you can go once the light come on. This is in 03 GT. Thanks..Lovi:nice:ng my new/used Stang
  2. im not sure of how far you can go, but its terrible for your car to let the fuel get that low.
  3. I would like to know, since I am running the tank down to a minimal amount so I can make changing my fuel pump easier when the tank is dropped.
  4. ide say no more than 2 gallons.
  5. On average, my '03 GT has about 2 gallons left when the idiot light comes on. Sometimes comes on a little sooner, maybe when there's 2.5 gallons left...but typically for me, 2 gallons.

    When the light comes on and I fill up, it usually takes 13.5-13.7 gallons under "normal" circumstances. If I've done more city driving/short trips than usual, then it might pop on at 13 gallons down.

    The most I've let it run down to was 1.2 gallons...had to put 14.5 in.
  6. I'm curious why it's bad to let the tank get down to empty. I used to run my '01 to about a 1/2 gallon all the time without any problems.
  7. 1) The fuel pump is in tank and relies on the fuel in the tank to keep it cool.
    2) Dirt will be sucked up into the pump and will cause the filter to get clogged faster.
  8. So dirt floats and goes down the drain when the tank is low? I don't buy that. It's an old wives tale.
  9. Talking about dirt that settles to the bottom of the tank. If you ever get a chance to take off a gas tank, you will understand.
  10. As many as it takes to run out of fuel :banana:
  11. Since I put my svt pump in, when my light comes on I have MAYBE 10 kms before I'm calling a buddy
  12. LOL I have pushed mine too about 40 miles still have not ran out ROFL
    I guess I don't mind walking, good exercise.
    And oddly enough out of all my cars I have never had a fuel pump fail except in the one car I always kept a lot of gas in...sooo yeah.
  13. Never drive it to the point where the fuel light goes on. I learned my lesson in my S-10. Fuel filter and pump became shot for doing that multiple times.
  14. my 98 GT does not have a Low Fuel light.... Nor does it have ABS lol
  15. With my "Boost a Pump" I freak out if I drop below 1/4 tank... :eek:
  16. Interesting, never thought of anything like that with my BAP but I guess it makes sense...I just go by how many miles I have and once it's at 200, give or take, I fill up or if I'm on my way to work (22 miles each way) it comes on I fill up...but if the light comes on and I'm on my way home I don't worry about it until the next time I drive.
  17. You guys and your technology advanced cars.

    94-98 dont have those lights nor traction control.

    I really want traction control and the light though lol.
  18. I have went 61 miles on the fuel light.

    I am also changing my fuel pump on Thursday. lol. I needed an SVT Focus pump anyways. Time to spray 150 ;)
  19. I've never seen my fuel light, I try not to ever let it go under half a tank. I've only seen a quarter tank ONE time... ;)