Fuel How Far Should The Throttle Body Plate Open At Wot?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Husky44, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Installing 5.0 in my 67. Just installed throttle cable and fabricated pedal assembly. Throttle cable is new one from American Muscle for a fox body (donor car was a 91). Cable isn't restricted, throttle linkage moves freely through entire range, but when cable is installed, the plate only open as far as shown in picture.


    Is this as far as it's supposed to go?

    FWIW, this as far as it would move with the cable, sitting on the bench, so it's the cable that's restricting it.
  2. What stops it? The throttle stop bolt?
  3. No. The throttle cable doesn't have enough throw. When we detached it from the bracket at the throttle body, and spaced it back about 3/8", we got full travel. Looks like we're probably going to fab up a new bracket in the morning.

    I'm assuming I want full travel of the plate, correct?
  4. I would want it to be straight or almost straight across at WOT.
  5. I had some issues like that with my Capri. I bought a different cable. There are several Fox cables out there. I had about 3 different ones in stock so I found the one that worked.
  6. That's what I figured, but I don't have time to keep trying stuff out. Will make a new bracket in the morning. No good options for cables here locally.
  7. I had the exact same problem as you. It's the cable. I bought a new cable from LRS and it did the same thing. Found an OEM cable on eBay, installed it, and the throttle blade opens all the way. For whatever reason, the aftermarket cables are nearly an inch longer when compressed, preventing the throttle blade from opening all the way. A bracket won't help you, because if you get it to open up all the way, it then won't close enough. You need an OEM cable.