How fast are 92 z28's

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  1. I know lol, i felt bad after I done it :nonono:

    ....but I just HAD to teach the guy a lesson. And there wasnt anyone in front of us for atleast a mile. I did however stop (I WAILED on the breaks to get back to 65 ASAP) as soon as I was sure that he knew he had been OWNED.

    He stayed on it (probably till 110+ at LEAST) and then cruized a good 90+ for about 10 seconds. (me @ 67) Then he hit his breaks and a cop was just up ahead, but he was looking at the other traffic lol. THANK GOD!

    I am however VERY proud of myself for turning down ALOT of races out on the highway/redlights/ect :nice: . I guess that was just one to many + I had a pretty bad day and felt like teaching someone a lesson... Darn bad habbits.
  2. yeah we all cant scape our bad habits but we can try our best not to do them and yet somehow find a way to do it :shrug: oh well :D
  3. thats believeable... the RS model was a complete dog, and gets the big ol' :notnice: from me.
  4. The Biggest question is did the guy have a mullet? If he did your in trouble. Nothing beats the mullet.