How fast are stock 99 Cobras

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  1. How fast are they. And could they take a ls1?
  2. In Fords 1999 Cobra brochure they gave the following stock info:
    316 Horsepower
    316 lb/ft torque
    Quarter mile 13.8 seconds
    Gears 3.27
    I don't know if this info was before or after "the fix" [/B]
  3. I can tell you for a fact that they can't beat LS1s. Those are low 13-sec cars.
  4. I see. What wakes these cars up to get there. besides fi and nos
  5. 4.30's and some bolt ons and you'll be able to take stock LS1's...stock 99 Cobras after the fix with a good driver should be able to get a 13.5-13.6 in the 1/4mi...

  6. I suggest a significant amount of bolt-ons and you better have a firm grip on that shifter to take the LS1...
  7. crapola :lol:

    I've beaten many stock LS1's, even before a lot of my mods...and I have less power than an 99/01 does...

    I know a guy that had an 01 Cobra with normal boltons, stock manifolds, and a solid rear with stock gears that went [email protected]
  8. :nono: I would like to see the 12 second time slips on that Cobra. He must be an extremely good driver. I have not seen Cobras run anything close to that with those kind of mods. Most I've seen run about 13.2-13.8. LS1 Z28's bone stock with the right driver can run high 12'S. So you say you can beat stock LS1's? With those mods and 4.56's, that is a lot of money spent, and besides, how many stock LS1's will you see anyway?
  9. Oh, I'm so sorry...I forgot, all F-body engines are GOD, especially the LS1, it is the end all to all engines...

    And you are right, there's no fast N/A Cobras at all...:rolleyes:

    Seems like you have an aweful lot of mods to only be running 11.9 at the track with an El-Tee-Juan...

    How about going back to your F-body sites instead of trolling over here?

    Btw, before the long tubes, before the intake, before the 4.56's, and with only pulleys, suspension, CAI, 4.10's, catted H and the flowmasters, with ET Streets I was running 13.1x's...and I was beating a lot of bolt on LS1's at OUR track...dunno where you are from and what track you run at but there must not be that many good LS1 drivers around here because I was beating them all the time...Once I get a better tune, I shouldn't have a problem with them at all...and I have a lot less HP than they do...
  10. All bolt on slowbras run 13s and stock ls1s run 12s!
  11. Just bought an 01 cobra my self and it runs good.. i know of the guy your talking about that ran the 12.55.. i dont think ppl give credit to the 99 and 01 cobras..

  12. HAHAHA :lol: What would it take for you to pull 11's in your Mustang? What do you consider a good 1/4 time?? I was running street tires, a hot day, and before I added the Comp cam and stall converter, and ran 11.9. :rlaugh: I guess I should edit my post for you... Besides, I don't have to make excuses for that 1/4 time...Let me know what mods you have when you break 11's, and come anywhere close to trapping at almost 120 in the 1/4. I bet if I run the 1/4 now, I am sure I can break mid 11's and hit 120. And please, don't bash me, I have owned a Mustang in the past, I just upgraded to the Camaro. And, please learn how to spell AWFUL.
  13. pretty sure i read the article in 5.0 mag about 99+ cobras in the 11's with bolt-ons. you wanna do it the cheap way> 4.56, 31 spline axles, sticky tires, short shifter, off road x, catback... can't recall the other stuff because i don't thnk there was anything else, maybe intake.

    the 4.6 with bolt ons beating a 5.7 with mods like exhaust, air lid, shifter, etc. is pretty impressive.

    the reasons why i didnt get an ls1 were that the rear ends suck, the hydraulic clutch sucks, they're just ugly (except ws6 and even theyre kinda meh from the side), sound like trucks, huuuuge dash board.. etc. etc. some opinion, some fact but the list can go on.

    for all the money into your car for a high 11 is kinda wack. this could be a whole new thread. did you ever hear of procharger? probably be cheaper than doing all those mods to that turd lt1.

    i havent had a problem with any ls1s yet and none when i had the 96. c5's too. so i dunno, i like to let people think mustangs are slow. it's way funnier after you beat them.

    now ammmm i right?

  14. Hahahahaha.... :rlaugh: For some reason you call my car a turd.... 11.9 was my average time that day during the summer, and I was running street tires! (I spun most of the way) (Hey they were Cheap Dayton ZR'S) Not to mention my transmission has 151,000 miles on it without having any major work! (Hey, its a Chevrolet) WELLLL, boys. We took it back to the track tonight. This is with the Cam, and stall converter. I also adjusted my timing... (car has been running rich) It has been running a little rich since my last track run. I ran on M/T DOT drags tonight. MY BEST TIME WAS 10.412 @ 132.11. I averaged out at about 10.59, I spun a lot. And, please, dont call my car a turd, would you like to race your??
  15. Mach1's break into the 11's very easily..there are many of them with bolt-ons that have done it, and they have less power stock than 99/01 Cobra's, and they basically have the same engine that the Cobras do...Care to explain that?

    Ever heard of JIMSVT over on the Corral? His stock long block 98 Cobra has gone 11 flat...How do you explain that? That's right, that's right, stock cams, stock crank, stock heads, stock rods, stock pistons, stock compression...11 flat...

    Maybe you should get another mustang and junk your car because to me it seems like it's a lot easier to get into the 11's than you did with your car...

    Oh yeah, got a time slip for that 10 second pass? I'd like to see that...Cause unless you are spraying, there's absolutely no way you are getting a time like that with the mods you list...
  16. ha and why's he always saying "we" took the car out. probably not even his car or he's not driving it.

    it still sucks. :notnice:
  17. It would be a good race, depends on the drivers though, my 2000 SS dynoed at 342 stock at the rear wheels, and ran 13.2 on average, Just hope your a better driver.
  18. Got a dyno sheet on that? they only came stock with 330hp at the crank...
  19. This seems a bit high as most I have seen dyno around 300-310 at the wheels.

    <-- Mustang and Fbody guy here.

    Also as far as the LT1 running 10's with those mods. I just dont see it happening without spray.