How fast are stock 99 Cobras

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  1. :bs: crapola . how many tracks have a monday night program? If your car is that fast you should start running the circuit and make some money. Also you mention nothing of a full cage and racing seats to be running those E.T.s
  2. No matter to me if the Camaros are faster.. they're NEVER an upgrade from a Mustang.. sorry pal, but ur dumb about that one.. I'd NEVER get rid of my car for a camaro, MAYBE a trans am.. but it'd have to be one hellacious WS6 with everything on it I want.. My buddy with a '93 GT hatchback with a 302 ran just about even with an LS1 6-spd that was supposed to have 400rwhp.. it was featured in GM High Tech magazine.. and yes, I was there in the car with him. He said he has about 300rwhp. So, why are our mustangs keeping up with your GODLIKE LS1's with 100 less hp? Seems a bit fishy.. kinda like the looks of the 98-02 camaros :Zip2:
  3. I didnt have enough room to list all of my mods. I have removed all of the rear seating, all of the rear decking. (not to mention the junky jack and spare tire) I have my stock front seats, but I had removed them and installed some racing seats. (they look like Recaro's) I also have removed all of the AC. I also didnt mention that I had a port job done on the heads. And, I have timeslips of my pass, and yes, we do have Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights where you can run the track and tune.
  4. Im sorry if you have a hard time with that, but there are many 10 second N/A LT1's without NOS. There are other mods that I have that I was unable to ist because I have only 500 characters. Check out this website... Happens all the time!

  5. I am well aware of LT1 and LS1 potential but the thing is with the mods you listed it was not enough for 10's. Even with weight loss from removing said items it would not be enough. I could see a mid 11 maybe lower 11 pass. With said mods. I noticed you said your trans has 151k on it yet the page you listed says its a turbo 400. I highly doubt you have 151k on the turbo 400 trans. If your walking into an argument like this you better list all your mods otherwise :ZipIt: as it will look like your talking bs. Because with the mods you had up there was no running 10's.

    So which is it turbo 400 trans with a 4000 rpm stall or 4L60 with a 2800 rpm stall????
  6. That page isn't his, he's got a teal 95 and that's a red 93 on that page...he's just trying to BS his way out of this...His 2800 stall and 3.73's isn't going to get his car into the 10's...not enough at all...

    I still haven't seen a scan of that time it up if you got it...
  7. Hah, 10s w/ a 306 cam, 2800 stall and a HYPERTECH? Jesus, you read too many magazines. Unless you're spraying the universe at it, you ain't hitting 10s with that setup.:ZipIt:
  8. lol yeah I know but was looking to have some fun. :D

    still sticking to the has to have crack to run 10's
  9. 10's.....on street tires.....sure.....

    dumbass...why even try to have an debate with this guy.

  10. Very few people have been able to run 12's in complete stock LS1. granted a few mods will get most poeple there. But you are one of many who overexaggerate the ability of drivers (not the car itself).
  11. i will say for a fact that a bone stock ls1 will not run 12's, and mistic need the shut the **** you your nothing but douchebag liar, who prolly doesnt know the meaning of how fast a time is, and as far as a stock ls1 dynoing (sp?) at 340 somthin hp...chevrolet underrates them a little, but i mean c'mon, try something a lil more believeable, and pertaining to which is each their own, i own an lt1 camaro which i love, and my friend has a 91 gt, which is just flat out an awsome car..i just needed to throw in my 10 cents
  12. dude stock ls1's dont even make that at the crank
  13. Stock meaning No power adder, bolt ons ,exhaust, headers, CAI, throttle body, and a tune.
  14. chuckstang95, I beg to differ that LS1's dont make 342hp to the crank, I mean think about it, most LS1's dyno between 300-315 hp to the wheels stock some a little higher so to say that cant make 342hp to the crank is just dumb
  15. Let me rephrase my statement. Im not saying all LS1's can make that much stock HP because i know they dont but honestly if you think about it the 99-01 Cobras are making around the same HP numbers as an LS1 between 300-320HP to the wheels so apparently they both have to be making around the same HP at the crank, which it is very possible for them both to make between 340-50 HP at the flywheel
  16. The only way a 99,01 cobra is going to put down over 300rwhp is with bolt ons. A stock LS1 on the other hand actually does put down over 300rwhp stock. Plain and simple the power ratings on the 99,01 cobra is right on and the LS1 fbody ratings are underated.
  17. I completely agree that LS1's areunderrated but i figured Cobras prolly were too idk, Im more of an LS1 guy myself ;)
  18. My 99 vert was running consistant 13.7 bone stock, street tires. And i recall consistantly beating a new Camero SS convertible. 2000-2001 model at the time. I dunno if he just didnt know his car or what. Buddy of mine just picked up a 2002 WS-6, he dynoed 330 rwhp. I believe it was all stock with about 20k miles on it. Pretty impressive for stock numbers. I keep trying to talk him into drag racing. I think my car intimidates him now :) I thought this was a thread about 99 cobras, when did it turn into a GM thread?
  19. the WS6 is not stock if it dynoed 330rwhp
  20. LS1's vary alot and as stated above their underrrated out of the factory and a WS6 can dyno 330 hp stock, its very possible