How fast are stock 99 Cobras

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  1. So its reasonable to believe that they can make close to 400hp stock?

  2. To the wheels? Never seen it. Never heard of it. I have a friend who works at a perfomance shop. Never seen more then 307rwhp on a completley stock WS6 LS1. It's not to hard to get them their with a few mods but again we are talking in stock from. The is rear wheel not flywheel where talking about here.
  3. Wow, I hope you are kidding, does anybody have a freaking clue.
    99-01 Cobras do not make 300-320 at the wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A stock LS1 makes more horsepower then a stock n/a 4v Cobra motor from either the crank or to the wheels but for god sakes I feel bad for anyone new reading this I know why I don't bother with this site anymore:notnice: :notnice: there should be some test everyone should have to pass before they can make a post!
  4. i have a 2001 cobra and the car ran 13.1 on street tires not drag radials i have ran many of those ls6 junkboxes and who ever says they are faster it all depends on who's driving
  5. Man o' man, I have never seen a circle jerk like this one in a long time. I got pretty frustrated reading it too, but you just have to blow it off.

    Another thing is they are still making the Mustang!!!

    Does GM still make the Camaro and Firebird???...:nono:
  6. :lol: cant stop laughing
  7. I have a buddy with an n/a'd 03 Mach1 that ran a 12.6 at the track on Sunday. He does have 4.10's and forged internals and ran on ET Streets to do it. I say if a Mach1 can run in the mid 12's, a 99/01 Cobra can run in the high 12's n/a'd with the right boltons.
  8. now I don't know if 99 or 01 cobra has as bad of wheelhop as 03-04 cobra, the mach 1 should be faster at the strip with its solid rear axle
  9. exactly, the 99-01 irs is not even as good as the 03/04 setup. wheel hop kills times on the 1/4 and breaks things to boot. The mach 1 runs faster at the strip because of that and the different cams help as well.
  10. LS1s are God gift to the world and can not be defeated! :rolleyes:


    Or how about one LS1 with a 75 shot of NX juice? That should be a miracle of the Mighty Jesus!

    And last......the impersonification of the miracle of life! A stroked LS6 to 392 CI, Ported LS6 Heads, "Magic" Cam, Ford 9" with gears, full exahust, big slicks and skinies.....?

    All those killed by a NA 99 Cobra (with my OLD COMBO!).


  11. Did the LS1 lovers got quiet?:p
  12. Yeah your video humbled everyone :rolleyes:
  13. Nice Vids man, love to see a Mustang Killin some LS1's and LT1's

    I was looking at an F-Body car but every one I test drove or got in rattled like a box full of marbles. I got a 96 GT that has some rattles but alot less than the 2003 WS6 I test drove, lol

    Mustangs are just nicer cars overall in my opinion...

  14. For what it is worth. A "mostly stock LS1 Camaro" was on Horsepower tv. They wanted see if adding royal purple to everything would increase HP at the wheels. It dyno'd 302.4 HP or something like that the wheels. With royal purple it jumped to 310.2 HP. Nothing to complain about IMO. Way better than my 145 FWHP 3.8 v6 mustang. :(
  15. OK here is my 2 peso's
    I own a 2001 cobra no mod's except 275 40s' on the rear and no air silencer
    my girlfriend owns a 99 ls1 trans am with the 6 speed. no mods except K&N filter. I hate to admit this but she is a much better driver than I am and I have smoked her on the street "I know about how you shouldnt street race but it was a back street by my house in the stix with no traffic" out of all the times we raced "proably 10 to 15 times" she only won probly one third of the time...

    so either she has a slower than normal LS1
    or I have a faster than normal Cobra
    or I am a better driver than her "I sincerly doubt it"
    and just to prove that I am not [email protected]#ing
    here is a couple pics the tbird,cobra,convertable are mine the purple Transam is hers

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  16. where i come from we call them chevy junk boxes and if yoou have one and you want to get smoked mail me at [email protected] and why are you chevy boys on a mustang site
  17. Laughing in the Desert

    I just have to say thanks for the laughs as I am hanging out in the desert of My iraq Condo (trailer) This thread has given me a little reminder of home.....hanging out at the track and debating who is faster...Thanks Guys....But I am curious why there is a chevy debate on a prominantly ford sight....Have a GREAT thanks giving and be safe in your travels.
  18. FWIW, I ran a [email protected] stock in the 2000 Z/28 in July heat. My old roomtes 02 WS6 ran [email protected] with a lid and cutout.

    I have a sick video of a 600+ rwhp LS1 tearing up cobras,Z06's,F-bods, bikes, Ford GT and then I have one of an old Nova putting 4-6 cars on him after the first 60'
  19. Ironic how a Mustang magazine editor Evan smith ran a Z/28 in the 12's bone stock.

    My old roomates 02 WS6 A4 with a lid and cutout dynoed 331rwhp
    Jims 2001 SS M6 stock dynoed 319rwhp
  20. I love threads like these. Good entertainment value! :D