How fast are you???

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  1. You're right. They screwed up so badly that noone wants a gt. :rolleyes: Name a time when the stock gt was more powerful than the competition. Sure they could have given it another 50hp. But why bother. It's got enough to sell well. HP does not always sell cars. Look at the GTO. Limited production and more HP and they still have to offer incentives. Mustang gt less HP and building as fast as they can. Selling for a premium.
  2. The answer is easy. Ford doesn't need to worry about whether the Mustang can outrun a car that hasn't been in production for several years because GM couldn't even sell 100,000 annually. There is a lot more involved in designing a car people will want then how fast it goes 0-60 or 0-100. And the Mustang runs on 87 octane.
  3. dude mn6 ls1's run low low 13's all day long. autos are like mid 13's.

    idunno who this peonslayer is but he apparently doesn't know dick about drag racing.
  4. There are currently NO incentives on the 2005 GTO, it's actually selling pretty well. No rebates, no special financing, and no employee pricing.

    The 2004 on the other hand...
  5. This may be true. But then why do people come on here and say. "I can get a GTO for (Always much lower than MSRP)"?
  6. Because there are very few cars that are selling at MSRP these days, like the Mustang. Just because there's no rebates or special financing right now doesn't mean there's no "wiggle room" for the dealer to go below MSRP on a GTO. They can still sell the car below MSRP and make money on the deal.

    During the 1st GM Employee promotion, you could get employee pricing on a GTO (I nearly bought one), which was about $3,500 off - for the time being there are no official rebates or incentives from GM on the car.
  7. I have beat two Trans AMs. The magazines put them at about equal and I say it is a drivers race. Most fbods who are serious enough to go to the track have most likely installed mods. They are at least 3 year old cars. Stock for Stock I put them very even. I owned an LT1, no way it was as fast as my new Stang. Race for an LT1, whatever. Maybe I should quote the Stang that ran 13.35. Well I don't, because it was driven by a professional driver.

    Z28's in the 12's. Uh, ok. Again you saw the race, did you see the mods, erm no. What do you think is going to be more likely modded. A brand new hard to get 05 or a 3 year old car.

    This is what I think about magazine racing. Compare several sources and it is a good way to get what semi-decent, but close to average drivers can get in an average model of that car. Seems like a good comparision to me.
  8. I have guys in my local car with 01-02 F Bodies cutting high 12s stock and mid 12s with drags and a few bolt-ons!

    I watched my buddy with an auto 1998 WS6 TA with cat-back, lid, and a shift kit work over an auto 05GT with HC trap removed and springs. Got him by 2/10s tonight in the 1/8th. I got him by 5/10s.

    With mods to free up some power they will run but the stock PCM is a power killer.
  9. PEON, here ya go with the magazines again. What are YOUR times at the track?

    You really are clueless.

    BTW I allways pound the crap out of ALL the 03-04 cobras I come accross, no problem. I beat 2 the other day. Its a drivers race :rolleyes:
  10. I'm with peon here, doc just said he knows guys with some bolt ons and drag radials who get into the 12's but then others are trying to say they can run 12's stock? I mean come on, there is no way an ls1 camaro will run with a c5 vette which resides in the 12's

    Also, a stock 03 cobra runs high 12's from what I have seen, you trying to say an fbod can run with them?
  11. :rolleyes:

    Way back GMHTP ran a 12.89 in bone stock '99 Z28, couple years later they ran a 12.96 in a bone stock '01 SS. If the SS would've ran in the same conditions as the Z28...I don't doubt that it would've ran a very low 12.8 or even a 12.7.

    I have no trouble believing those times...just like I have no trouble believing that MM&FF got a 12.4 out of a bone stock Cobra...quite a bit faster than the high 12s you think they run. Of course I didn't see these times in-person but I consider both GMHTP and MM&FF very reputable...and Evan Smith :hail2: Plus, I have seen a few trap 107-108 bone stock...with really good driving and good traction, that's enough to get a 3500-3700lb car (race weight) into the 12s. At least I think so.

    However, I do doubt most people's claims of running 12s in stock F-bodies because they usually don't back it up with a time slip or it just sounds fishy...but I don't question that some can and do run 12s bone stock.
  12. What an irrelevant conversation... who leaves their car STOCK? And even if you did ... I've seen a LOT of races, and the driver is at least 50% of the equation. What you guys are doing is magazine racing. If you want to KNOW who is faster, take it to the track and find out. :rolleyes:
  13. That's funny becuase my friend's '99 Trans Am ran 12.8 with just an air lid and his cars an automatic.

    He gives it half gas on take off, then floors it which is what most guys do to mainatin traction resulting in run high 12's in Trans Am's and Camaro's.
  14. i don't know where they got those # but i've never seen a Z stock run 12's usually 13.4-13.7 i have seen an AMOST stock ws6 run 12.9 but even he had exhaust and a 3000 stall.

    Back to the question stock for stock ls1 may be alittle faster but with good driving it should be close if not thorw on some gears and exhaust and underdrive pullies and you'll walk em
  15. from an magazine article I posted a while back, lost the link for know but its genuine.

    If you want more proof go join an fbody forum an ask what's capable.

    I'm not saying everyone will acheive these times but they are possible. Same with Corvettes a good stock manual C5 should be 12.8's @ 108mph, auto a little lower mph. This has always been a topic of talk and debate, as the Fbody's did and DO clock the same or similar times as the Vettes.

    Ultimatley the ligher curb weight will always allow the vette to be quicker out of the box. And in the right hands will certainly challenge a stock 03/4 Cobra.

    So as much as I love the 05 GT, IMO a stock LS1 (REMEMBER they all have 350bhp!) will be the faster on a like for like basis.
  16. I took my stock '05 Mustang to the track and it is running 12's dude!
    12's I tell you. I don't know what it is but Ford put some extra squirrels in there for me. This is so sweet man, rock on dude!
  17. well done, the 1/8th can be real tuff! :rlaugh:
  18. i'm not basing my opinion on mags. i'm talking about real life, friends with ls1's and actually seeing them at the track
  19. You think a c5 is that much faster than an fbod? VERY close in performance with the edge going to the c5 because of less weight. You do realize that they have the SAME motor right?

    A car that traps 100mph stock is usually REAL close to one that traps 6-8 mph faster, your right, I get it now.

    :hail2: LS1 :hail2:
  20. All I know is last weekend, a slightly modded Trans Am on street tires ran almost .2 quicker and 4 mph greater than a slightly modified 05 Mustang GT on drag radials. That Trans Am put down 312rwhp/350rwtq SAE with an intake (air filter), cat-back and a power programmer.