How fast are you???

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  1. Thats exactly why I said a stock fbod cant run or beat a c5 corvette because the vette is lighter and I am not sure but I would think they have better traction
    Plus since when tdo fbods have 350 hp? I know they are underrated by I mean 350 is a bit of a stretch isnt it?
  2. Vette LS1 = F-Body LS1 :nice:
  3. Well, an 01-02 6 speed will put down over 300 rwhp EASY.

    factor in a 15% driveline loss and you have 345hp

    That is for 300rwhp most will put down over 310rwhp

    Do you see the light?

    These numbers could even be a bit conservative.

    as stated above :hail2: LS1 :hail2:
  4. Care to prove that? I admit I dont know much about fbods and corevettes but it doesn't make any sense for GM to make them equal in performance
    It would be like if the new cobra is just as fast as the ford gt
    the engines are similar but the cobra wont be putting up the same times

    Plus, 15% loss determining factor is just a generalization
    Have you ever seen the numbers for what the engine actually does put out? (not to the wheels, from the crank)
  5. GM didn't make them equal in performance...1/4 mile will be close but everything else goes to the Corvette. They also rated the Z28 40hp less than the Vette and the SS 25hp less. I dunno if it was intentional or not...but fact is the LS1 F-bodies and LS1 Corvettes made very similar hp/ least it wasn't even close to the 25-40hp difference that GM claimed.

    *It's not really uncommon to see an LS1 F-body put down more rwhp/tq than a Vette due to the Corvette having a transaxle and IRS.
  6. When my '99 Z was bone stock with less than 1000 mi. on it I ran consistant 104 mph with ET from 13.5-13.80 in mid 70 degree weather. Years later with a cat-back/ CAI/ predator tune/ no cats I got down to 12.9-13.0's at 108-109 mph in warmer weather. I suck at powershifting so all runs were granny-shifted. Evan Smith from MM&FF would probably go quicker. I sold the Z to my dad to order my '06 GT. We have a grudge race scheduled this fall IF I get it by the time the track closes. I am going to get a predator and CAI before I race him so it will be more fair. I assume the GT will run close to the camaro times with the tune and better than my stock times. He too conservative to powershift either so we will be using the same driving style. Both cars are awesome. I read magazine test for amusement and not much else. The camaro is on hiatus/the GTO is gaudy/the vette is expensive/and ricers suck so just enjoy your GT and dont worry about it.
  7. This is correct..........sorry haters!

    There is more to performance than straight line, but in that case the cars are REAL close.

    The GT is a real sweet car, but to say it is equal in performance is silly. Now do some mods and your right there, but stock its just not going to happen.
  8. Well I agree the 05 gt isn't as fast as the fbod but I still doubt that, that car can see 12's stock
  9. Klay, I said I have friends in STOCK fbodies in the high 12s. The solid axle is easier to launch then the IRS on the Vette. The LS1s in the 01-02 fbodies is the same as the Vettes with exception to the vettes throttle by wire. GM didn't want to step on the vette division's toes by saying the fbodies had the same power, but they did.
  10. If you're an Fbody fan it is just FACT. You want proof go and join an Fbody forum and ask, they will tell you the same thing though.

    It was an impressive bit of marketing, by GM. Produce ONE engine and simple rate it lower in the cheaper cars. This was a lot cheaper than producing TWO different engines. (There where changes but not to output) ALL LS1's regardless of what its in will should be and will be producing in the region of 345-350bhp. A typical Fbody will dyno 290-310rwhp, exactly the same as the Vette.

    So as I've said before, you may not like this, but it is the truth. So you can either except it, or just rely on pig headed ignorance to see you through.

    Do remember, although an LS1 is more powerful and has the capability to be faster, they won't every single time. The driver is always 50% of the equation.
  11. :stupid: :rlaugh:

    Old men who aren't racing you do not count some dyno #'s or time slips or your just trolling with BS.
  12. Go ahead and quote it brudda, I saw the vid, it was awsome. You do realize that the car had the ac removed, jack and spare, and the front sway bar, maybe more.

    So your saying a car with 260-270rwhp can go 13.3, but a car with 300-310 rwhp CANT go 12's. That is silly, silly, silly. Read what you wrote and think about it. :bang:

    I'd bet if a mustang with 300-310 rwhp went 12's you would believe it. I am the internet car forum optometrist and what you have is called myopia (tunnel vision). All you see is mustangs doing good things.
  13. Sarcasm maybe?

    Least I thought so...however if it wasn't... :rlaugh:
  14. SAWMAN70

    read all the posts before you get offended. It is actually a compliment to the 03-4 cobra so dont get your panties in a bind.
  15. My painties are never in a bind, I think you'd have your a$$ handed to you by most of the 03/04's by me. Mine may not be one of them as it is on the weak side with ony 550hp, no sarcasm there just fact (most guys I know are into the 600+ range with plenty of mods to get it to the ground). So if you posted something, I may not think your full of it, I doubt you did though or you would have referenced it so for now, I still think your trolling.

    The only point that matters is the Mustang is still around and the Camaro is not, this stupid argument goes from thread to thread. 10 years from now when all the kids have wrecked their rusty Camaros, this may go away. Ford did not design the Mustang to beat the Camaro in a race, they designed it to beat it in sales and the 05 owners need to realize and embrace that fact. It doesn't freakin' matter. You bought the car to drive and enjoy don't let the jackasses in the world take that enjoyment from you.

    Look at those guys in the slow MG's and TR7's driving on the weekends with the big grins on their face. They could give a sh$$$$$$$t whose car is faster they just want to drive. Let's follow their lead.
  16. You've posted nothing so I will repeat myself and ask again that you post a slip or dyno sheet.
  17. The f-bods had the same horsepower as a Corvette? I guess this explains explains why when I raced a Corvette in my Z28 he pulled me hard. It never appeared the cars were equal for a second. I don't think they are that much lighter.
  18. Is this how you justify mustangs being slow? :D j/k
  19. As much as camaro owners justify it going out of production. By saying it was fast. :D
  20. Well rereading what you said I just misunderstood it, for that I'm sorry

    I never doubted that the camaro is faster than the 05 stang I just doubt it can hit 12's
    and generally, if you guys want people to believe the car can hit 12's and has 310 rwhp then you need to back it up with proof
    Its not my job to go out and look for it
    On a side note, I am not a mustang guy since I have yet to own one (I have an 06 on order though)
    I mean I personally like the camaro and was debating on getting one before I saw the 05 stang but I am not going to believe the car hits 12's until someone can provide a timeslip or possibly a dyno showing that the car does indeed have 310 rwhp