How fast are you???

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  1. I would guess the majority of the guys who own these cars do not leave them stock. So it comes down to want and cash. If you have enough of both you'll be the fastest, for a short time, untill someone out does you.

    I have not lost a race yet in my car. I am sure it is going to happen eventually and I am prepared not to give a crap. The guy who beats me will simply have more want. Sure I could dump another 10K into my car but I do want to jeopardize the love I have for driving it right now. And all you guys in the 05's should think long and hard about reliability and driveability when you go to forced induction just to win a couple of races.

    The only thing you need to answer is whether or not YOU enjoy your car.

    There is no justification for my car needed. My life is more than my car and I do not need to beat a punk in a 7 year old rattle trap to feel self worth. Although I have little doubt I would win that what.
  2. C5s also have IRS, which tends to sap a little more power than a straight axle.

    F-Bods got the same LS1 engine as the C5, it doesn't take too much to get 350HP out of an F-Body.
  3. Timeslip? :D

  4. What are you talking about? :shrug: Get a grip..........yes we know you have a cobra yes it is fast ..........YOUR THE BEST AND COOLEST DUDE AROUND.
    Now that you have your pat on the back is everything better?
    Its ok little fella........YOUR CAR IS THE BESTEST!!!!!!!!WOOOOHOOOOO

    We are not talking about cobra's so yank the panties out of the crack and move on.


    Ya boys think long and hard about FI. Only I am cool enough to handle it, not you little 05 guy's...I have a cobra ya know ............HUH!!!!!!!!!!

    You are a very funny person :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  5. Troll

    Go to the back of the bus and be quiet.
  6. 05 has torque management, drive by wire and the same crap internals my 99 had. I hated my car after putting the power to it and got rid of it. Driveability suffers and reliability suffers. It does not with the Cobra which is why I bought it, forged internals, factory supercharged and all the appropriate peripherals to run safely up to about 500rwhp. I would not FI an 05 if I had one, I'd save for the Shelby if I could, or enjoy what I had NA. I certainly would do nothing to it to proove a damn thing to you. My affording an 05 would most likely be enough.

  7. No problem. Go to for all the proof you need. A lot of the members here have seen stock 01-02 LS1 TAs and Cameros do it. Heck, we have had the heavier 94 GTOs hit 13.1-13.2s stock with good drivers and stock 05s at 12.8-12.9s at 109 traps.
  8. Vettes are about 300 pounds lighter then the Z28 which equates to about 30 HP. Also, some of the earlier Z28s had taller rear ends. The later M6s had the 3.42s instead of the 3.23s.
  9. my buddies 2002 ss 348 hp from the factory is 2/10 faster in the 1/4 mile then my stock gt manual
  10. Yep, would be a good place to go...or google search for GMHTP + 12.89 + 1999 Z28 or GMHTP + 12.96 + 2001 SS. I have the issue somewhere with the SS but no scanner and GMHTP doesn't seem to have it up on their site (it is 3-4 years old). I did find the Cobra vs SS article in MM&FF though:

    Not great runs for either car but here's the dyno sheet (since klay wanted to see one) from the SS (STD though, not who knows what that would've done to the #s):


    Doc...CamEro? Shame on you. :nono: ...'94 GTO? :nonono:

    And '93 was the only year that LT1/LS1 F-bodies did not come with 3.42s...all '94-'02 M6 F-bodies had 3.42s. :p
  11. 94 GTO? did i miss something here cause last time i checked they made GTO's from 1964-1974 and 2004-current

    02LS1 - damn you, you posted while i wrote the same thing as you, lol
  12. Ah well I guess they can run those times, I stand corrected
    Thanks for providing me with a link and dyno sheet, that was all I needed

    The thing that made me disbelieve it was the fact a gto with the ls2 engine is running high 12's or low 13's and that engine definately has more hp
    I guess the weight and possibly gearing might have something to do with why its about the same as the late models camaros
  13. Don't forget Mike's '98 T/A running 12.9 with just slicks. And, his car's an automatic :lol: . I was there that night and most LS1's were low 13's easy.
  14. :shrug:

    Who said you have to prove anything, PERIOD. Learn to read and you will see that YOU or your cobra has nothing to do with this thread. Stop projecting your sense of self importance on us. (look at me, look at me) Its a car dude, you didnt cure cancer or anything. Have fun with it and quit hating.

    The 03-4 cobra is a nice car, I never said anything bad about it, or any other mustang. All I said was that the ls1 fbod will beat an 05 because it has more horsepower, plain and simple.

    If you actually READ all the posts you can see that my post was 100% sarcasm.

    You can afford a 27k car? Thats increadible. Thats a lot of hours of harvesting corn isnt it? :rlaugh:
  15. Sucks to be wrong dont it boys :rlaugh:
  16. What really is the point of this statement? What are you "comparing"?

    There is no 05 LS1 F-body. So what's the point of saying the LS1 F-body is faster than an 05 Mustang? You are comparing two unrelated cars. Going on that premise, the guys saying the 03-04 Cobras are faster than the F-bodies have just as much right to argue as you do. I could name off dozens of cars faster than an LS1 F-body, but of course, they'd not be a relevant comparison either.
  17. Anyone want to place bets on how many more pages of boring useless info this thread is going to produce? If you want a new GT then buy a new GT. Piss on what anyone else says. If you like an LS1 then keep an LS1. This back and forth argument reminds me of the old GN vs. 5.0 feuds of the late 1980's--- Mine has more cubic inches/mine has a turbo/mine has a stick/mine is a V8/mine weighs less/mine is blue. Almost no one keeps their car factory stock and why should they? Make it as fast as you want. Since when is everybody afraid of loosing a race? I better not buy this car because that car might beat me by 2 tenths but this car looks better than that car but someone on the internet who probably never seen a track said that that car was better because someone said his dynoed this number but was it a mustang dyno or a dynojet dyno and how about SAE net rating or GROSS rating......rear wheel or flywheel.............. :damnit: . I suggest some people find new hobbies or a girlfriend or another job to use up some of their idle time because they dont have much else to do but nag someone else about their car. The rest of us just want to enjoy our cars of choice when time permits without this riceboy kind of boohooing.
  18. 06 Stang, you're on the right track. Of course, I see you ordered an 06 Torch Red - that means you're aok even with only two posts :) Your gonna love the Torch Red, I do! Awesome. Did you go for the red leather as well?

    Oh, to answer your question - I give this thread 1 more page before it dies out or is :lock: b/c some *&^%( wants to flame you back with illegal language :)
  19. Not much of a point, only that 3 years after the death of the Camaro the Mustang GT is still slower :)

    Not that it really hurts its appeal any. I doubt too many people aren't buying a GT because it's a few ticks slower than an LS1 F-Body. Ford's selling all the GTs they can crank out, I doubt they're too worried about how fast it is.

    The Mustang GT is a great looking car with plenty of power (although more is always better, no matter what you get).
  20. Try reading the first post of a thread, at least, before making a post. :D