how fast can you get a v6???

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  1. i beat one in my suburban, and i cant get a v8 the insurance will be way too much... can you get them to perform better than gt's for cheap?
  2. Depends on what year you'll be looking at, and what your idea of cheap is.

    94-95 had 145hp.
    96-98 had 150hp.
    99-02 had 190hp.
    03-04 had 193hp.

    The latter two might be a decent match for a completely stock Fox Body, but they've got the benefit of being lighter, and they have a higher torque rating.

    Things like a cold air intake might add a few more to those to put them around 200hp, or about 175rwhp if you have a manual, an automatic will lose a little more to the wheels.

    At that point, a Nitrous kit set for 50-75hp would make it a race coming down to the driver with 94-98 GT's which weigh the same. The Foxbody would be close, again with its torque and their weight giving it a slight advantage. 99-04 GT's have 260hp, and the 05-09 GT's have 300hp. Cobras are still going to be out of reach, but maybe you could catch one napping or spinning the hell out of their tires.
  3. Really? :scratch:
  4. Well, I said completely stock... good luck finding one. :nice:

    That, and the carbed 79-85's had like 165hp.
  5. Yeah,the EFI stangs don't have a whole lot more at stock.Somewhere around 174 - 180 HP to the wheels.Stock 5.0's also have more low end torque.So that may be a loss for the V6 unless the 5.0 has running issues.Even finding one stock will be a challenge.Mine is stock....sort of but not for long.Give the V6 some good gears (3.73 to 4.11).Would reccomend 4.11's for Auto trannys and 3.73 for manuals.4.11's in a 5 spd V6 would be way too much gear IMO.And if you get gears,get a rear end from a GT.That way you have dual wheel advantage and not sitting there roasting one wheel.

    IDK...V6's take more $$ to mod them up in power as there isn't hardly as much aftermarket items available as there are for 5.0's and 4.6's.I'd get a blower kit and some gaskets,injectors and MAF sensor for the ultimate power upgrade (besides nitrous).A blower,if properly installed and everything that needs to be you could net an extra 100 HP off that thing.$$$$$
  6. He did say cheap :nice:

    I've seen a couple of supercharged v6's that put rather respectable dyno numbers down, but if you're limited on funds, it's hard to argue with nitrous.
  7. Whoops,guess I overlooked the "cheap" part.Wouldn't getting a nitrous kit also require injectors and a MAF? Will the stock injectors put out enough fuel for this setup? I would also assume one would need to re-tune the PCM.

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  8. I can see where a Suburban with a V8 would be able to take a V6 Mustang.. at least there are some vehicles that a V6 Mustang can take. On the way to work I had to educate the driver of a Honda Pilot that a black paint job and new car smell does not make him faster than a Mustang. (I think it was a Pilot.. :shrug: they all kinda look the same to me) Anyway, this guy was a slow learner. It took three stoplights for him to learn his lesson. I didn't bother to tell him that his shiny new rig got beat 3 times in a row by a 150,000 mile, twice-wrecked, automatic Mustang with the air conditioning running.

    -DISCLAIMER- I am in no way advocating street racing, as it clearly states in the street racing sticky: "Street racing is not condoned here and arranging illegal activities on this board is not permitted." :nono:
    We were very safe, and we were the only ones on the road in both directions. I'm just telling you of a little schooling I had to do! :nice:
  9. Them fart pipe Honda's never learn... :nono: :D
  10. haha ya some senior thought he was hot **** in it since it has like a cobra front bumper and a cobra hood on it, so he got next to me.... well ya you guys know the rest.

    oh ya....

    -DISCLAIMER- I am in no way advocating street racing, as it clearly states in the street racing sticky: "Street racing is not condoned here and arranging illegal activities on this board is not permitted." :nono: