How fast can you run with the overdrive turned off on an auto trans?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by aj1025, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. I like to know if anyone knows how fast you can run your car with the overdrive turned off with the stock 3:27 gears before the rev limiter kicks in? And for the guys who race at the track, do you race with your overdrive turned ON or OFF?
  2. I've noticed ours shifts to od around 120-125 in our 01 GT.
  3. Thats where it shifts. An auto GT will tap out 3rd gear with stock 3.27 gears at around [email protected] rpms.:eek:.
  4. You race with it OFF.... Unless you want to be replacing O/D bands all the time.
  5. Does the auto tranny only have 4 speeds (1,2,3,OD)?
  6. Yes. Third gear is 1:1, which is 4th for 5spd folks.

    Never race with OD on, or you will replace the OD band eventually.

  7. Your O/D will live a very short life if you keep that up regularly. If you must do that all the time, at least take your foot off the throttle when shifting into it. O/D won't last too long with repeated full throttle shifts.
  8. I trap in 3rd gear at 130 mph with 4.10's and 28 inch slicks.
  9. So am I understanding this correctly that overdrive under full throttle doesn't come on til' 120+. So at the track it really wouldn't be neccesary for a stock auto GT to turn it off cuz your never gonna get to OD. I notice that my Stang goes a hair quicker with OD off it could just be me then. So if you have OD off and your trappin 120+ whats gonna happen is it gonna hit the limiter? I hope this makes sense cuz I'm sick and have really good meds! :D
  10. It won't hit the limiter unless you trap at 140+. If you could hit the limiter before the traps w/stock gears... :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: . I would leave OD off anyway, simply because leaving it in 3rd will help you engine brake after you let off the gas, instead of it upshifting and letting you coast. Just my $.02.
  11. So other than helping the engine brake down it won't hurt the OD bands unless your goin 120+. Does leaving OD off make you go any quicker like maybe a 1/10th or is it that I got stickers I feel faster thing?
  12. I really don't think leaving OD off will make you any faster, since all it's doing is turning the OD off. I don't think we're on the same sheet of music here anyway. You will NEVER need to shift into OD on the track w/stock gears because the car will go 140 mph in 3rd. Just do yourself a favor and leave the OD off when you're really getting on it. Your tranny will thank you later. :nice:
  13. 100% correct.... turn it OFF! Why even allow it to shift to O/D if you are going to be stopping in a very short distance anyway? Save your brakes a little...

    Take it from me... my O/D is starting to slip again and I just had the tranny rebuilt 2 years ago. I had a few races against camaros that wanted to run half mile instead of 1/4... so I shifted into O/D. While O/D is a DOG, I had a pretty good lead on them already... so I played the LS-1 game and now I'm going to be paying for it. Guess I'll just get that stall converter sooner than I thought. :D