How fast have you got your v6?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by echo7, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Well ive hit 100 in a 55, but am i the only weinie that hasn't hit the limiter yet?
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  3. 105 in a 65 on hwy 85.
  4. 110 mph
  5. 100 in a 70 plent more
  6. I hit about 110 and it would go no more.

    What is the govener set at on the v6 stangs?
  7. Suposed to be 115mph, ive heard 114 and 116 aswell
  8. 80 MPH!!!! :spot:

    Ok so I haven't really pushed it far yet :D
  9. Mine hit 115 and then stopped...but the car had so much more to give...
  10. Ive hit 115 multiple multiple times. Its kind of cool how it just sits at 115 and doesnt bounce back down like typical cars :)
  11. Does it hit 115 in 4th and then shift to 5th when you hit the limiter, or does it shift into 5th sooner and just like, stops speeding up at the limiter?
  12. sorry I have hit 110 and 115 but wasnt paying attention to the tach or when the tranny changed to what gear, I was busy watching the road and speedo...
  13. lol, yeah, that would suck if you hit a turtle in the middle of the road doing 115mph because you wernt paying attention.
  14. I got to 110 on I-5. Started getting into traffic so couldn't take it further.
  15. My GT has been to 115-120 a couple of times. It is a manual and that speed about uses up 4th gear.
  16. echo7 i have a manual tranny, so whichever gear i want :) It will stay pegged at 115 in both 4th and 5th gear, tested it both. The car will do about 103-104 in 3rd gear at redline, so the speed limiter comes soon after shifting to 4th.
  17. mine usually kicks into 4th at like 85, in my auto, so maybe like 110 it would shift to 5th right?

    0-40 1st
    40-60 2nd
    60-85 3rd
    85-? 4th

    Are manuals that much different gearing? And what about over drive, is it sort of like a "6th" gear or what. Some people think overdrive effects 1st gear when i know it doesnt, so what is it. Or is 5th gear considered overdrive in these autos?
  18. I hit the limiter at 115 once. I've hit 100-105 a couple times. Generally speaking 100-105 is where my nerve starts to give out. I'm sure the car has much more to give, but the driver doesn't.
  19. 112 mph on a country road after a little jerk in a truck passed me in the head-on section. I waited until the 2 lane section started and then flew by him..... Hit a 50 mph advised wide arc corner and couldn't get it down fast enough..... Took the corner at about 80 and it scared the living P*&^ out of me whrn the rear end hopped at a concrete/asphalt transition and then started to lose traction. Backed off brake and decided to accelerate out of the corner. Eeeeekkkkkkk..... I found my next driving skill to work on.

    100 on the freeway. RPM band was sitting around 4000. My buddy that was with me said it felt like we were doing 55. Smooth. I will have to check the gear ratios in the Autos. I am fairly sure the Odomoter will end before the rev limiter kicks in.


  20. If you were at 4000 RPM at 100 MPH you were still in 4th gear. I made a post discussing gear ratios and theoretical top speed of the V6 at the end of this thread.