How fast have you got your v6?

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  1. bah, its a smooth, straight, unused 45mph zone, and it wasn't 100 i went, it was 115 :D But the rpm's, if i remember corectly, were at like 4000ish, and i know the best torque is like 3200ish.
  2. guys have nothing to complain S-10 when I had it was limited to 95 mph... :rlaugh:

  3. You dont know the conditions.. Why would you post such a ridiculous response man?

    The speed limit around here is 55MPH.. Even at 70MPH you could critisize someone..

    You might as well flame every member of this website! Even the owner! LOL!

    Also, I was thinking, you should email Ford in regards to the 2007 Cobra, because the things that car will do to a 45MPH zone will be considered religeous!!
  4. I was tryin to snap a picture with my camera phone of me hittin 115 this weekend, but i had to come to a slow down and by the time i snapped the photo, it was only at about 105, so ill have to try again :)

    EDIT: By the way, im doin this on an indian reservation road basically, so no residential area, or stoplights even.
  5. yeah, i should try to get a pic one day at 115

  6. Agreed.. I dont consider that exactly wise.. I suggest keeping both hands on the steering wheel while cruising at a brisk pace of 115MPH..

    If something should go wrong, there will be a picture of how the steering wheel smashed your camera into your face, once all the debris is cleared.. LOL!!

    Please guys! You dont need to prove anything to us this particular way.. We know the cars can easily do 115MPH..
  7. Im not proving anything, because 20% of us have been there lol, theres nothing to prove. Ive taken all my cars to the limiters and taken pictures, just what ive done. Even have a picture of my modded 01 trans am at 187mph
  8. Hah!

    Also, today i tried to top it out again, same spot, but later so i was hitting 105 right as i started climbing the hill, and i could only get maybe 108, in 4th, and i noticed the tac was barley hittin 5 grand. So, that means my statemnet of hitting 5th @ 110 was wrong and it was actually the limiter softly coming into play, allowing it to shift into 5th earlier. Also, i may take my camera that takes video, and attempt to record the shifts up to like maybe 100, maybe higher :D

    my car is so smooth at over 100, today i only had one hand on the steering wheel, the other on the shifter (even though i'm an auto)
  9. I took a pic of it later that night, was about 3300 rpm in 5th gear at 115. 100mph comes at exactly 3000 (visually).
  10. Wow, you got those gains on g-tech just from a drop-in K&N. What was the outside air temperature? As it gets hotter here in florida, i have noticed a little less peppyness from my pony.
  11. well, if its a 45mph limit it must be for a reason????????

    Usuaully lower speed limits are for built up areas or where there are footpaths houses/shops, ie a likely hood of people/children being about?

    Maybe its different in the US? I have no problem with going fast but it would not be 'the norm' to find a safe road in a low speed restricted area.
  12. After Droppin the K&N in i actually learned how to launch the car a little better, im sure that was most of the gain.
    The roads were warm (103 degree high) and when i went out at night it was probably about 80. We have low humidity here so the high humidity you have there will decrease power i believe.
  13. Oh, lol, didnt see you had a manual, I prolly wont gain but maybe a .1 sec off my 1/4 :D
  14. Ya, id say maybe .05 seconds is gained by just droppin in the air filter. I've actually hit 0-60 in my car in the 6.3's since ive learned how to launch it better.
  15. I have seen 142 in my 05 mustang with the 4.0L V6, had a buddy of mine that is on the police force here clock me, it really surprised me...
  16. all stock ?
  17. In you sig it says you ran the 1/4 at 100 mph with only a filter and X pipe? What do these things run stock!?
  18. No My V6 is not stock, I have a MSD dis-4, magaflow muffler system, custom tayor plug wires, Helix trottle spacers, 4.10 rear gear, Air Max cold air kit, superchips programmer, running on 255/50/17 BFG KDWS tires on American Racing Troq trust rim.
  19. fast

    Hello All,

    I have pushed my V6 Mustang to the limit of 121MPH. Fast yes, but not fast enough.

    I have some MODS done though...

    - K&N Aircharger (CAI)
    - Flowmaster American Thunder Axle Back Exhaust
    - Airaid Throttle Body Spacer
    - Superchips Performance Tune

    I am looking into additional modifications to give me an edge. Any Ideas?