How fast have you got your v6?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by echo7, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. my cut off hits right at 118-119 mph. I can get there in 4th or 5th gear pretty easily. 3rd gets over 90 mph.

    The 2 piece driveshaft doesn't give me warm fuzzies over 100 mph though. I have the Pirelli Z rated tires, but it's the driveshaft that I have bad dreams about.

  2. I know what you mean, but there haven't been any reports of failure that I've found.

  3. a guy on another board had his come apart on a dyno. His is supercharged and chipped, but it came apart just over 120 mph if I remember.
  4. I believe Scrming posted that on this board and I'm sure he said 130. If you're hitting the limiter, it shouldn't have any problems. I've never heard of one failing under 120.

  5. nor have I, just want to clarify; I've never heard of a driveshaft coming apart at 120 mph.
  6. My driveshaft (2007 V6 convertible) exploded at around 110/115mph. It is an experience I do not want to repeat. I was barely able to control the car on a 3-lane Autobahn (Interstate). The stock driveshaft is a piece of scrap build by a mexican supplier. It is not balanced for speeds above 110 mph ! If you take out the speed-limiter - replace the driveshaft (and the tires) before !

    Top speed (V6 manual, convertible with closed roof) is around 140/145 mph (230km/h) I put in a small device projecting the actual speed in the front windshield. It shows speeds above 120 mph and gives readings in km/h as well (calibrated it with a GPS)

    With appropriate tires and aftermarket driveshaft speeds above 110 mph are no problem for the Mustang. Feeling at high speeds is not like driving a BMW, but no real problem. If you had to break down from 140 mph have the breaks cool off before you attempt high speeds again !
  7. i hit 115. on a track of course....ok, maybe on the freeway sumtimes too. haha