how fast is a V6..........

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  1. Ok...ima pro when it comes to the gtech... What weight did u put in? Did you do all the rpm tests? Are you using the latest firmware version? answer these questions and then I shall answer yours.
  2. fast is a v6 stang ahaha thats funny id kick your ass in my v6 camaro oh and its a 92 by the way
  3. Intelligent response from Camaro owner as expected...

    Kick my ass? Maybe with NOS, a Turbo or some supercharger and other mods.

    I think you're in the wrong forum buddy!
  4. yeah, suuuuuuuuuuure
    "3.1 V6 140 bhp.
    5.0 V8 170 bhp. "
    those arent very impressive numbers, even from the V8! although of course i know the V8 puts out around 245 torque!, but still, your prolly not gun come anywhere near us with your v6 camaro buddy!
  5. :bs:

    yea what are the numbers for a v6 mustang...yea maybe a 04 v6 stang but i will kill a 92 v6 stang without a doubt
  6. Ya know, I have always thought of the Camaro as just a stripped down Firebird. Either way though, they don't make them anymore. So ya can't really brag about something if sales were so bad that they had to pull the plug. :owned:

    Soon your camaro will be in the Camaro grave yard, just a memory. And your kids will see a mustang drive by and you will say, " I used to own this other car that would kick that cars butt, it was a Camaro! And your kids will say " Daddy, whats a Camaro!" :shrug: :shrug: :D
  7. *cough* there is no V-6 92 Mustang *cough*

  8. Actually, Camaro will be highly sought after collector cars. They are definitly getting pricey. Not a V6 but the Z-28, IROC and SS are as are Firebirds and lets not talk about Trans Am.
  9. i doubt it cus they're either all beat on or modded, not many originals in good co0ndition to make them collector cars
  10. my friend who owns an 87' mustang LX I4, is going to buy this awesomely nice 87' camaro 5.0L V8 TPI... brand new paint, (cool blue with white hood accents) and new exhaust, and shifter, for 3 grand, collectors car? no, but this one is in otherwise mint condition (other thatn being slightly modded)
    around her your car would be worth maybe 1500 camarors, and some old grandma would be your only buyer!
    my grandmas v6 camry could pull your camaro!
  11. I'm not a Camaro fan either. At least nothing after 1971ish. The last SS were nice and made gobs of power. But I'm a Stanger at heart. That's why I have two. I was thinking of picking up a V6 as a toy.
  12. i was going to say that the V6 had plenty of get-up for a car, but coming from owning 2 cobras, it might not be so much of a blast to you! lol
  13. Ok, First of all. I had a 1991 Z28 Camaro with a 5.7L TBI, and my new mustang would have it by about a carlength. And the V6!?!?!? don't even get me started on that, I went to the track against one and owned it by over 2 way in hell that thing has ANY power.
  14. Yeah, I don't mean to offend anyone because of the Cobras. I respect all stangers, I've seen some bad V6's and 4s
  15. Well, I only had to put in the weight for the horsepower measurement...which I put in 4000 even b/c I was pretty sure that was correct..unless I got the wrong numbers off the door panel.. :D :shrug: Entirely possible. Also, I don't have the $260 unit, I just have the basic's the model that looks just like a radar detector but even smaller. As far as RPM tests go.... :scratch: I wasn't aware I was supposed to do any. Guess that might explain alot huh? :D Oh, and :OT: but for the record, to the guy with the V6 Stang has beaten three different IROC-Z's....I doubt that your six could beat them...much less me. Not trying to brag, just stating the facts.

  16. this is not a camaro forum, and if a camaro is so great, where is the 04 camaro, oh wait, they dont make them anymore :rolleyes: , and if you did some research, you would discover that v6 mustangs are faster than v6 camaros, and if you want to run a v6 mustang with your 92 camaro, look me up, i have a V6 stang i know you have no chance at even getting close to running with, much less beating :owned:
  17. Well thats the reason your hp numbers are off, your car weights in at like 3000, not 4000. Ill sell you a new gtech cheap. I never use mine
  18. :doh: ....I see. Guess I need to try again with the new settings...thanks alot. As for the Gtech offer, I just got this one about a month ago. As strapped for cash as I am right now, I'm going to have to save up just to get some gas to put in the car to try the new setting out... :nonono: But I'll keep your offer in mind. :nice:
  19. 94-98 v6 manual 16.5~ quarter 9.5 0-60~
    99-04 v6 manual 15.5~ quarter 7.1 0-60~

    add a half second for an automatic, this is average driver average track.
  20. 3.4 seconds faster on the 0-60 can't be