how fast is a V6..........

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  1. dude, u really cant count? that 2.4 seconds, lol
    44 cents in change? HAHAAH!
  2. Yea ima have to agree with ghoststalker here. :D
  3. this thread is funny
  4. dude, put the bong down and walk away...
  5. but i have glaucoma!? :(
  6. :rlaugh: Yo, you shouldn't do any more number adding on this site. If you happen to think about numbers just keep it to yourself. :p
  7. 'I hate numbers ' 'yeah theres like too many of them, and stuff' -Beavis And Butthead Commercial, lol
  8. *cough* I'm angy at numbers *cough*
  9. dude you are an idiot. you have a 3.1L POS camaro.

    i have a 98 procharged v6 stang and a 97 3800 firebird.

    the 97 3800 bird is about on par with the current 04 v6 stang. your 92 v6 camaro is about an 17 car.

    the 3800 camaro/bird and 99+ 3.8 stangs can run low 15's stock.

    i would do donuts around you with my 97 bird off the line and still smack you down on the top end.

    you are not really even on par with a 94-98 stang which can do low 16's stock and give many a 305 TPI a headach from a 60MPH rolling start.
    get a life and a clue cause you really don't know what you are talking about

    oh there was neve a 92 v6 stang and it shows you have no clue byt that statement. :notnice: