How fast on stock motored 5.0 cars?

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  1. Hey all....

    Fox body Stangs... [94-95 5.0s too I guess...tho they are a bit heavier].

    With a bone stock, non rebuilt, motor... original longblock... i'm talking stock untouched heads, rockers, valve springs and all, along with stock upper and lower intakes...

    Just the usual free tweaks like timing, cooler stat, short or NO fan belt at all...... + the usual bolt ons allowed like headers & exhaust, T bodies & spacer, bigger MAF, ign, gears, slicks, alum driveshafts, suspension imrovements & slicks, etc etc...

    About a year ago I had most of the mods in my sig and went 13.84 @ 100 MPH w/ 2.2 60' with my 89 Notchback with the stock 3.08s and my so so street tires. I've since added an adjustable regulator, 3.73 gears, frame connectors, ACCEL 300+ IGN kit, and bought 26x8.5" ET Drags, will have a 65mm T body by my next track visit. I hope to go very low 13s/maybe a high 12.9xx @ around 101 MPH.

    I had a buddy with the exact same car.. an 89 LX Notch stripper, the same setup as me, but he had 70mm T body, BBK full lengths, and off road H, and black magic elec fan kit, and went 13.02 @ 102 MPH 1.71 60' not using a shortbelt [spun every accessory]. We only got two passes with his LX, but figure with no fan belt and a good long cooldown he would have went 12.90s.

    How fast have some of you guys taken the untouched stock engine, with just the usual bolt ons & tweaks in the 1/4? What was your MPH? NO power adder cars LOL... Just motor. Anyone know what the fastest stock motored, bolt on, 5.0 has run?

    Just something I got thinking about... be cool to see how far I can take the stock stuff.. maybe lighten the car up with a manual rack and tubular K member etc.. seeing as how emissions is pretty strict up here now. :( :bang:
  2. I think you are about right with the 13.8's. I've seen a lot of mag articles and several posts over the years. Seems about right.

    However, with the addition of 4.10 gears, slicks, long-tube headers, X-pipe, and good driving, times drop pretty quickly. Most can get a full weight, "healthy" bone-stock engine 5-oh in the low 13's with little trouble.

    Your comment on weight is something to consider. The 302HO has some decent torque for a stock engine, but it still is a small engine for the weight of the car. ET's drop rather quickly with decreasing vehicle weight. You typically see the most improvement in the 60' times when the car is trying to get "out of the hole". The lighter the car, the less force it takes to get it moving, especially from a stop.
  3. all stock 400,000 miles
    exhaust gears [email protected]
  4. Hey guy, I am the second owner of a '90 Notch. I bought it all factory original about a year ago with 96k miles. I changed the 2.73 gear to a 3.73, added a set of frame connectors, pullies, a fuel pressure regulator, K&N flat filter, and adjusted my timing to 13 initial.
    On BFG drag radials, in 80 degree weather the car ran a 13.85 @ 99 mph with a 2.0 sixty foot. That was launching at idle and shifting at 5500rpm respectively.
    In this same factory stock trim the car put down 206rwhp and 268fpt.
    The car looks sweet and runs great.....

    I think that with the mods you're planning the car should easily be in the low 13 range....... :nice:
  5. As in the sig.

    truly insane87 - 400K miles?! That's awesome, any tricks you care to pass along in regards to your engines longevity?

  6. Wow.. my car is completely stock.. on a g-tech (i know it's not the same as the track) I ran a 15.1's with bad starts. I didn't think simple mods like k&n filters and pullies did so much.

    What kind of times would I run if i got a full O/R exhaust minus headers and a set of 3.73's... and maybe pullies?
  7. 14.4 in my stock GT heavy vert, though some slicks will definitely help. If you're running slower then that with your coupe/notch practice your launch, you're spinning too much. :)
  8. Mine's a GT with absolutely no mods... 2.73's and factory exhaust etc

  9. its weird but mine has about 350,000 miles....but then again no one drives it hard. My family are the orginal owners so its always been taken good care of. I jus keep knocking on wood and hopefully it lasts long enough so i can get the engine rebuilt. :)
  10. 12.96 @ 104.01.
    Full weight.
    Stock motor.
    Stock suspension.
    1600' elevation, and not the best weather.

    mod's in sig.
  11. I have a buddy with a 1992 GT with a stock motor the valve cover have never been off. The car has the usually bolt on and a few suspension mod and some weight reduction. The car has ran a best of [email protected] in the 1/8. The car usually run [email protected] No one in our area believe that the car is stock and has 190,000 miles on it.
  12. Right on....

    I didnt hink anyone had replies to this cause I never got any emails informing me.... :scratch: Lots of good info.. thanks for the replies.

    Anyways, I am confident I will at the very least hit some low 13s after a race I had tonight. My buddy has a 1999 GT 5 speed. Car has [to the best of my knowledge] cold air kit and cone, bigger MAM, u/d pullies, a chip [forget whos or what chip], off road X pipe, MAC cat back, 4.10s, and 18" rims with 295, 40, 18s [I think - I know for sure they are 295s]. I think there are a few other little things done to the car but I dont know what.

    Anyways, we've had a fued goin since last year... I had a nitrous kit on my car last summer for about two months.. we raced and I beat him.. but not to badly - had to play catch up as he took me by about 3 cars off the line [my 3.08s and street tires.. vs. what he has]. He refuses to admit I beat him.

    Anyways, his car IS fast and we had it out tonight twice, and with what I have in my sig below I beat him pretty good.... a few feet between my back and his front bumper both times. And his car left basically as hard as mine did on the slicks.. we both came out around 4500 RPM.. I seemed to pull him in 2nd and 3rd :shrug: I would bet his car is very likely a 13.30-13.40 car the way it sits.
  13. My stang went [email protected] stock motor just bolton's No nitrous

  14. This is what I see 90%+ of the unmodded or very slightly modded stangs do at the tracks. Mid to low 15's. It is very easy to get into the 12's though with a 5.0.
  15. Any one here useing an aod??
  16. That's amazing, it really is. That is equivelent to low 12's around 112mph, what all was done to it.

    When my car was pretty much stock, with just gears, flowmaster's, subframes, underdrives, CAI, electric fan, A/C, Smog delete, t-stat, and maby a few other insignificant mods I ran a best 1/8th of 8.8ET 79mph 1.9 60ft with a good launch and powershifting all the way up the track. Since them, the MPH has risen a few, the ET's are only down a few 1/10ths, and the 60's have been a best of 2.0. Traction next year!!!
  17. No offense,dont take this the wrong way,but how can you sit there and say your motor is stock,when you have all those bolt ons!
  18. No offence taken,but the key word was "was" when I said "when my motor was pretty much stock"

    The motor was itself completly stock. The MAF, TB, Intake, Heads, Cam, rockers, headers, 4cat H pipe, all was original equipment and was on there when I ran that time.
  19. Yeah,I was looking at the gears,subframes,pullies,electric fan,ac/smog delete,they are go fast goodies!!