How fast on stock motored 5.0 cars?

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  1. built aod but stock motor times in sig
  2. i think the 8.0 to 8.2 in the 1/8 is probably more like 12.7 to 12.9 in the 1/4. i always use 1.57 as a conversion between 1/8 and 1/4. it usually turns out pretty darn close. :D

    also, every time i see a thread on here about what people can run with a stock motor, there always seems to be an argument about what stock is. why is that? i guess everyones view is a little different, but schlodes clearly stated he wanted to see times from a stock motor with some minor bolt ons.

    personally, i've hit almost 104mph with my car, but i do have a street heat intake, no power steering, smog pump, or AC, so i don't count, i guess. although, the valve covers have never been off the car. i remember when i put the intake on i gained ~1.5 to 2mph and cut ~2 tenths off my 1/4.
  3. 8.08 @ 84 is about a 12.6-12.7 @ 104-105 (judging from my 8.02 @ 85).

    As far as this post goes. ERnotch's car with untouched motor, MAF, Exhaust, gears tires, suspension, and pulleys went 12.77 @ 105! Mine never had the original stock motor for anything under low 14s (I added the intake)!
  4. old thread...
  5. 87 5.0 mustang [email protected]

    i have a 1987 Ford Mustang Gt. aod Transmission with shift kit, 2400 stall converter, and b&M ripper shifter. i have 3:73 gears new clutches in the rearend. i have stock 5.0 block, 9mm ford racing wires, gt40 heads with ford svo 1.6 roller rockers and ford racing polished valve covers. Cobra upper and Lower intake with 1" phenolic spacer, and 19 lbs injectors. i have accufab 65mm polished throttle body and BBK cold air kit with 73mm mass air meter. i have polished aluminum under drive pullies and electric fan. autometer water temperature, differential and transmission gauges. i also have headman shortie headers 1 5"8 tube, and 2 1/2 collectors, h-pipe, flowmaster delta flow 40 series, and 3 1"2 inch tips

    the question i have is i want to hit flat 12.9's with stock block, no nitrous, no blower, and no slicks, any ideas. and where can i loose weight off my car. i replaced carpet, took out heavy insulation underneath it. Put on svo fiberglass hood.

  6. 875.0curt

    more stall "custom converter"
  7. 1987 no option coupe 2715 lbs. slicks,cobra intake,homeade ram air,65 tb,kn filter,subframe connectors,header,x pipe,flowmasters, 3 08 gears, bumped timing, powershifting every gear . 13.11 105.33mph. Iced intake took out airfilter 6000 rpm launch 13.08 106 .02 mph. Tried like hell to get in the 12 s that night took even took off belt and had buddies push me to stage so it didnt overheat couldnt top the 13.08.
  8. In my 92 GT I ran [email protected], only mod was a BBK H-Pipe. 90% of the reason I ran this slow was because I couldn't launch for **** due to traction problems. My 60 ft was at best a 2.3. Now I have only driven standerd for about 3 months at the time so that was probably an issue but traction ****ed me. It was very cold outside at the time but the wind was goin the wrong way and pretty fast.
  9. to get low power cars to go fast you have to get off the line hard. high 1.6's to low 1.7 60ft's will be needed.
  10. Your gonna hear guys telling you high 13's,youll have other guys telling high 12's with "just" these mods. Its all BS!!! Stock 5.0's from 87-93 were as follows, 5spd = mid 14's and AOD's = high 14's low 15's!! THATS IT!! There were a select few that hit high 13's.But people of this nature usually had last names like Cosby.
  11. not the best but not bad for a stock aod

    check sig
  12. I had my car out to the track last month for the first time and with the mods in my sig went [email protected] with a 2.10 60. I have no seat time at the track so I think with some practice I can get it into the mid 13's, say 13.5-13.7 range. The car feels faster than what I ran I just need to practice for it to show its full potential. Alot of these low 13 and high 12 sec passes mentioned in this thread are most likley from expereinced drivers.
  13. My best is a 13.8 with an AOD.BUT, it has a 2800 stall speed conveter shift kit and gears! The only thing done to the motor was a T-Moss intake 65mm TB ans CAI
  14. Stock motor with gears and street tires 14.41 @ 98.2 with 2.28 60'

    DR's should put me in the 13's
  15. yup! I ran a 14.3 w/ street tires.Forget my 60ft. With DR's my 60ft was 1.8
  16. Damn speedstrip.... way to dig up an old thread.
  17. everyone has there own meaning of stock.

    ive never had the intake or valve covers off my car. so i say its a stock motor with bolt-ons. you know tb, mass air, pullies, adj. fpr.