How fast on stock motored 5.0 cars?

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  1. So how did you get the heads off?
  2. they havent ever been off. its a stock longblock motor. no porting
  3. Stock vs a stock motor is a HUGE difference. Once you start adding anything, gears, exhaust, and such your not stock, but the motor remains stock. Running low 14s, maybe eek a high 13 stock is impressive, but with a stock motor higher 12s have happened more than once, and even middle 12s on some occassions!
  4. what was your ET with the DR's?

    I have been pondering this thought in my head while I build a really badass motor, but want to have fun with my car I miss so badly. I have thought of getting a stock engine and putting into the hull in the garage (my mustang) and running it with the only accesory being the alternator, on a very light car. 225hp and 300tq is enought power to get a car down the track relativly quickly, but that is considering how that power is being used and how much car it has to push down the track.
  6. thats "stock" 5.0's, this thread is "stock motored", as 25th mustang said
  7. I could see a 12.3-12.5 out of a stock motor, full exhaust, all the suspension and weight out! Its NOWHERE near stock, but the motor from intake to pan would remain untouched!
  8. 1.9768 60'
    9.142 @ 75.35 MPH 1/8
    14.39 @ 92.01 MPH 1/4

    Full-weight 1988 GT hatch, 3.73s, wide ratio AOD, TCI 3000 stall, good shift kit, Cobra intake, Bassani headers & X-pipe, Steeda upper & lower control arms, 275/50R15 ET Streets. The engine is dead judging by the MPH. Could have cut 1.8 60's, but couldn't stall nearly high enough.
  9. yeah ive seen several gutted stangs at track weigh in at 2700lbs with driver. back that with slicks, good suspension, 5speed, and driver whos not afraid to break stuff. you will see atleast 12.4's at sea level.

    alot goes into et's other than hp. track conditions, altitude, dense alt., weight and most important suspension and tires.