How fast will a stock 05 be in 1/4?

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  1. My 02 was low 14s @ 97 stock. Now of course it's high 12s @ 107 with the usual bolt-ons NA. However, with the 05 coming with more hp, 300 hp, from the factory what is the projected 1/4 times and speed in stock form?
  2. 13.5 stone stoc1k0. Is my guess.

    But anything can happen, its an ALL NEW CHASSIS, it can be lower or higher. We dont know how it will respond, or even how the rear suspension will do for launching.

    Time will tell.
  3. The car has 40 more HP and weighs about 125lbs more give or take. Stock gear is a 3.31 correct. I agree with the above. The only difference being how well will the 05 respond to current mods? Being an entire new engine. A tune with the VCT, catback,and other traditional bolt ons might see some worthwhile gains.
  4. According to the latest info, V8 & V6 Auto = 3.31, V8 MTX = 3.55

    I concur with the above 1/4 mile estimates for a GT MTX.
  5. Oh man. Those 3.55s are standard. Some things do get better with age. :D:
  6. With the advent of VCT in the 4.6 3V heads. I would think that the HP and TQ curves are going to be dramatically different than the current motor. This could mean big things as far as 1/4 times are concerned.

    I would like to see a Dyno chart on one before I cared to speculate.
  7. You could be right Tyler, we may be pleasantly surprised. A while back someone who claimed his next door neighbor is a team Mustang engineer told him the following when he asked him how the 2005 Mustang came out.

    " There are some things that came out the way we wanted and there are some things we wish had come out better. But if there is one thing that we really got right it's the V8 engine."

    The quote may not be 100% correct because I'm going from memory (this was about 4 weeks ago. I give some credibility to that person's post because he did say that his Ford engineer neighbor had not told him anything specific about the 2005 Stang.

    In any case, I sure hope that story is the real deal. :banana:
  8. I saw in either in Hot Rod or Motor Trend 13.9's at 100-ish MPH.
  9. But because they never got to actually test a 2005 Mustang, it is merely speculation on their part.
  10. 13.7-13.8

    More HP but a little heavier. I wonder if the auto will be able to hang with the manual this time.
  11. Just a wild guess

    From what I've seen and read, I would think that a bone stock '05 GT w/m5, could go from the dealer to the drag strip and rip off a mid 13 second run at about 102-104 mph. That's with traction control off, of course! :D :hail2: :nice:
  12. Who knows with its all new chasis...but if I had to guess, judging by the HP, weight, and gearing I would probably say mid [email protected]..which would still be considerably slower than the LS1s.

    My cousin's STOCK LS1 trapped @107mph :nonono:
  13. Magazine drivers suck. Motor Trend got a 14.1 in a Mach 1.........:nonono: Idiots. :notnice:
  14. If it is underated just a tiny bit (5-10hp) and weighs what we think it will I calculated the mtx gt to be capable of [email protected] It crosses the quarter in 3rd gear at around 6000rpm. I'm estimating this off of a 99 cobra dyno with a modified power curve to match expectations of the vvt technology. The weight distribution should help to make launches easier and more consistant.

    I did the same thing the with auto gt and came up with numbers 'very' close to the mtx. 2nd and 3rd on the auto are going to be the killer gears.
  15. Never believe what rags get out of cars. I'm sure they'll be in the mid 13's...maybe somewhere around 13.4-13.6....minor bolt-on's and that puppy would get you deep into the 12's!! Let's hope it's the same for the GTO.
  16. I agree, I have seen a couple articles that just blew my mind.Hot Rod magazine is a waste of time, I'm surprised they had a ford product in it.I saw that they raced the mach 1 against a new gto and got beat.They even said they ran the mustang on back to back runs (which sucked),while they iced down the gto.What a waste of time.I think it was motor trend that said that the subaru wrx was on the same level as the 03 cobra in their comparison.I can't remember the exact time, but it was mid to low 13s at some ungodly speed which leaves me to believe they have no idea what they are doing behind the wheel of anything with power.Where do I apply for the 1/4 mile testing job?
  17. :rlaugh:

    Hey! I want an application too!

    I didn't know a catted X-pipe would make me .2 seconds faster than a Mach 1. :rolleyes:

    Another thing to remember is the new rear suspension setup: Panhard bar and a torque arm. :nice: