How fast will these beasts be?

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  1. Well, 450hp+ with the same engine as a Ford GT, i'm thinking low 4's maybe high 3's 0-60 depending on traction and high 11 to low 12 sec 1/4's. Is this a good guess?
  2. From the information that I have been getting, the engine won't be from the GT. Some say it will be an iron block 5.4 version of the '03/04 motor. Others say it will be an alloy block. I think that they have all said that it will be a Roots blower and not the Lysholm style Whipple from the GT.

    If this is the case, I will be quite disappointed. They have already cut out the IRS instead of offering either that or a drag pack option like the old Mustangs.

    What would other members of this forum think of a choice like that? You could get a stick axle and choice of transmissions with the drag option or go with the IRS and a six-speed.

    Either way, at the price that they will be charging, you should at least get the IRS, an alloy block and the Whipple.

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  3. I dont know why people make such a big deal out of no IRS, if you've read magazines/first hand accounts they will tell you that the current '05 live axle setup is much much more improved over its predessesor, some have even said that it handles better than the old IRS. just quit ****ing about no IRS, yes it would be nice if there was a choise, but there isnt, there wanst one for a live axle for the '03s and the drag racers were **** out of luck, well the table turned now(although again, from what i've read so far this live axle isnt anything to sneeze at, much improved.)
  4. Just curious but where are you getting your info?

    On the SVT site the engine spec is iron block, aluminum heads and a twin screw blower.

    It would be rare to have anything other then a cast iron block for a blower engine anyhow. And as for IRS, well if the new setup performs better why would you want the other? :shrug:


    it would NEVER be a alloy block, as alloy is a composite of two or more metals. NOT an abbrevation of aluminium :rlaugh:
  5. I will stand corrected on my use of the term alloy for aluminum. It is faster to type, anyway.

    As per my post, though, why not an aluminum block? The GT has one. So do all of the Mercedes vehicles. This car is already heavy, why add the 100 pounds or whatever for the iron block? It would have been laughable to have put an iron block in the GT, so why is it OK to have one in the GT500?

    I also stand corrected on the screw blower. But why only 8.5 pounds of boost? This motor should be trumping the Mercedes in power, or at least equal to them. The car needs to have 500hp or so. There is no reason that the boost isn't at 10lbs, at least.

    As for the IRS, I like it. I am sure many '99 and up Cobra owners like it, too. So why take me to task? I am no the only one who has this opinion. If you live in an area with crappy roads, as many cities that are in areas with major weather changes through the seasons have, it is nice. As I stated in my post, you should have the option. These cars are going to be over $40,000, give us something from the factory that will match up with how we will be using them.

    As for my information, I usually get it from the automobile rags. Ford hadn't been too forthcoming about this car. Look at all of the speculation on this board alone. You had to take what you could get. Even MT, with it's big article on this car and quotes from the SVT guys directly, stated it would have the iron block and the Roots blower. They were at least correct on the block.

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  6. The solid axle set-up on the 05's is nothing to scoff at if you haven't had the chance to flog a new GT you need to, trust me. Thats the only way you will truly apreciate it. also svt will be tweaking the set-up specially for the new Cobra I wouldn't be supprised if they get road holding around .99g they did it with the Cobra R back in 2000 on a lot less rigid chassis.
    just my $.02

  7. 500+ hp would be one hell of an insurance hit for mustang owners who love to brag about bang for the buck. Underrate it and/or make it easily mod-able, which it is.
  8. Cool, well I guess the block will be cast iron for two reasons, one cost. It must be cheaper, secondly a Shelby owner is far more likly to modify and race their car than a GT (GT40) owner, and in many cases I guess a the Shelby will be someones only/main car so high milage may be required.

    As for the power, well it currently is stated at exceeding 450bhp, I think 500bhp might not be too much out of the question, but there is politics involed as well. If it had the exact same engine and power as the GT but cost less than half the amount?

    Yeah IRS would be cool, but I think they dropped it for cost reasons, as it was a new chassis and the IRS from the Jag X-type and Lincoln no longer fitted a whole new setup would have been needed, and with Ford's recent financial problems I guess it was deemed to expensive. But just because a live rear is old hat it doesn't mean its not good, too many people have pre-conceptions just because the idea has been around a long time (ie leaf springs on the new C6 Corvette, which work really well).

    I have driven an 05 GT Mustang and I would say it did seem to handle well, but yes you are correct the ride quality was no where near as good, in terms of refinment my old 1982 XJS wipes the floor with the new Mustang. But what the hell who buys a sports/muscle/pony car for a comfortable ride :shrug:

    PS I know all about bad roads, I live in the UK - where the roads are offically rated by the EU as the worst in Europe.

    This is a typical English backroad, an ideal place for B-Road bashing:

  9. I highly doubt the new Cobra will hit .99G. An 05 Mustang GT can only do .81 GT (per Motor Trend, June 05). To get the SRA to pull 1G and compensate for the extra 350 lbs up front, it would mean revisiting the 1987 GT in terms of ride quality. I think the GT500 will be lucky to pull anything over .87 G.

    Now, from what I've read in various internet sources, the IRS mated to the S197 chassis has been pulling well over 1G in prototype testing.

    And yes, the Cobra R pulled 1.01G, with IRS.
  10. yes, but how fast do you all think it will be in the 0-60, 1/4 mile, and top speed?
  11. While alloy is not an abbreviation for aluminum, it is a commonly used term to describe aluminum blocks, heads, etc. Pure aluminum is very weak. Aluminum alloys, are strong materials that are made up of mostly aluminum, but are Alloyed by adding other materials such as zinc, copper, magnesium, silicon, etc. The ingredients are all added in the molten stage, and combine in different ways depending on the processes used. I suppose they are "composites" on the atomic level, but they are not what most people would call composites.
  12. Wow i'm amazed that with all the "tech knowledge" everyone added, no one answered the question that got me to read this thread in the first place. :(
  13. its the same heads cams intake supercharger as the GT with a diff. bottem end cast iron block ect. should be 12.1 -12.3 stock may high 11's
  14. i was over on a vette forum the other day and they were at the track and a new z06 text mule was there ran a best of 12.0 best mph was 126 looks like there will be some compitition but not for the price
  15. 12.0 at 126 mph= no traction, Drag radials or slicks will be a different story. :D
  16. certainly is, there have been a few running low/mid 11's totally stock though, I thats right down to the tyres!!

    I've seen times for the GT at around mid 11's. The new Shelby has less power and a not so idea layout for off the line traction (although I prefer front engine rwd :D ) so I guess a realistic ET would be low 12's - high 11's. Depends on how much power it really has when they release it.
  17. I know right, what are they putting on these cobras, 255? I got 235 on my V6 and it still isnt enough sometimes, 450+hp, you'll definitly need tratcion control then, just kill your tires at half throttle.
  18. eh?
  19. eh? what
  20. didn't understand what you had written, re-read it today and still not sure. The spec of the Shelby hasn't been confirmed yet (not to the public anyhow) so it may or may not have 255 width tyres. As for lighting up 235's with a v6, well that would depend on the brand and type of tyre too.

    TCS maybe a good safety feature for road use, but its not the ideal thing to have at the track.