How fast will these beasts be?

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  1. In this months issue of Motortrend they say that after Carroll Shelby spent 5 hours with it on the track he told SVT they need to increase the tire size and "tighten up the track bars". It also says that it does not have track bars but they responded by increasing the bushing stiffness on the upper and lower links that locate the live rear axle. SVT also confirmed to MT they are increasing the tire size but refused to reveal those specs. :shrug:
  2. I dont get how the 05 GT's went down from a 245 tire to a 235. The Shelby would look badass with 275 in front and 315 out back. Its safe to say that Fords 450hp rating is underrated. Id guess its easily makind 500 at the flywheel. If it weighs 3600 lbs or less, low,low 12's shouldnt be a problem. If thats the case, drag radial will get you 11's, a pulley, exhaust, cold air and a reflash will be easy 10's !!! Damn, I need to start saving some $$$. lol
    I think the mark up will be ridiculous the first year this car is out. My friend paid 5K over sticker for his 03 Cobra because he had to have it. Im never buying a brand new car, ever. Between a new car payment and full coverage on a 450 hp Mustang... thats probably an easy $1000 a month.
  3. The SVT site said 255 on the front and rear. Also, i cant light these tires up, but i have lit the left rear up on a dusty paved road for the entire first gear, just from poor traction though. But it will still chirp for 10 or so feet if i punch it.
  4. Hah!, i should call up my insurance and ask them how much it would cost for a 19-year-old to drive a 450horse 05 cobra with full coverage. Might laugh in my face.... :damnit:
  5. Echo it's actually not possible for you to spin the left rear tire, the v6 mustang does not come with (at least never has in the past) a traction-lock. This means that all the power from the engine is delivered straight through the 7.5" rear end to only the right (passenger) rear tire.

    <-- Used to own a v6.

  6. The best quote I got in NJ for a 390hp '03 Cobra for a 43 year old driver (with a CDL and a 17 year old son in the house) is $9,000, I had to get legal papers written up that I am the only driver and that the car will not be a primary vehicle and my deductable is $1,500, that knocked it down to $3500 a year. Florida can't be too much better. This new Cobra will have to be insured as an exotic, I don't think anyone will insure it as a daily driver. Not in NJ atleast.
  7. but it is actually possible that you have no idea what you are talking about :rlaugh:

    Currently the V6's don't have an LSD (Limited Slip Differential), they have an 'open' diff. Which will transmit power to the wheel with the least resistance.

    Depending on which way the proshaft rotates will have a bearing on which wheel is more likely to spin, as there is a large rotational force trying to rotate the entire axel, ie pushing one wheel down and lifting the other up.

    BUT, if you are turning or one wheel is on a less grippy surface either one can spin on its own. If you are very lucky and the resistance is equal it is possible to spin both rear wheels together, but as the resistance will change one side will usually become prodominante.

  8. *looks at the insurance payments for his'01 Cobra...*

    Uhh... Yupp... :(
  9. well, if we assume 6700 RPM red line, 3.55 rear-end, .68 6th gear and 26" tire diameter that gives a theoretical top speed of 215 MPH. a 4.10 rear-end would bring the top end down to 185 MPH.

    hard to guess about 0-60 and 1/4's. too many variables to consider. just for grins, i'd bet with the right tires, track, weather and driver she'd do 0-60 in low 4's and cut the quarter in high 11's. won't know until they go production next year.
  10. follow up with better information i snarfed from the web and a free program. see attached screen captures of program output.

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  11. aerodynamics?
  12. MM&FF did a test and they ran 10.90 w/ a bone stock GT (even stcok tires)
  13. ??? which month. i had a subscription for years but it expired while i was stuck in a hospital and rehav for a couple months.
  14. I would certainly say its possibly (although if its a car given to magazines by the manufauctures all figures need to be taken with a pinch of salt, as those cars are sometimes 'special'.)

    If the grip is there that mid engine layout will fire it out of the hole better than any front engined car, its just alot easier to get it not so good.
  15. it was a few moths ago

    yea i know that thats why i said low 12's high 11's
  16. I would like to know the issue information on this. There is NO FREAKING WAY. Unless it was dropped out of an airplane. First off, 300HP with a 3450lb car is not going to do 10s unless it has a redickulous short-time which it won't have on stock tires.

    My opinion on the GT450 is if they use the 255/45/R19s that are rumored, this heavy pig will do 0-60 in mid-high 4s and 1/4s in high 12s-low 13s. Better rear rubber will help this dramatically.
  17. I've seen a basically stock (Flowmaster cat back) '03 cobra convertable do a consistant 12.9 quarter and a 4.6 0-60 when driven by someone a little better then myself. Now the new Cobra Coupe will have about 75-100 more HP and maybe weigh somewhere around the same on a bad day with a heavy driver. My guess is a mid 12 quarter and mid to low 4 second 0-60. This would put it at around the same as the new C6 Z51 Corvette, but not as fast as the new C6 Z06.
  18. He is talking ford GT, not Mustang GT. And it isn't a GT450, it is a GT500 named for the old Shelby, not the HP. Even though the car has closer to 500 hp then 450 anyway.
  19. I would guess about a 12 sec flat run in the 1/4 and a 0-60 around 4.5 seconds.
  20. Mid - Low 12's. Re-flash computer, full-exhaust, traction will see high 11's.