How fast will these beasts be?

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  1. Like the other guys said FORD GT not mustang GT

    Also the current cobra runs high 12's low 13's with 390 and this engine is the same as the ford GT but supposedly running 8.5lbs of boost instead of 12.5
  2. why is it that people say its the SAME engine as the Ford GT, the only similarities are that the're both 5.4L motors with a supercharger. for starters the GT's block is aluminum, and has a dry sump oiling system whereas the cobra will most likely be iron and it will for sure be wet sump. read up on both engines(from whatever information may be out at this point) and you'll find out these two motors are NOT the same.
  3. those are not the only simulatities they are both 4v dohc 5.4's they use the exact same heads supercharger intakes ext. the only diff. as u mention was the alum. and cast iron blocks
  4. but we can both agree they're not the same.... hell the Ford GT motor runs for 40+ grand... i doubt the shelby motor will runt that much, maybe more like 15-18k at most, i'm sure a dry sump and aluminum block arent worth 20 thousand +
  5. I think that may be changing, as a Eaton Roots blower looks set to make it into production know, and as for the heads - well I didn't know Ford had released any stats for them so I don't know.

    All that is really known is it is a 5.4 DOHC modular engine with a blower and probably a cast iron block (this is for the produciton variant not the show car).

    My guess (based on researched data) and a bold guess is that the engine will produce about 85bhp/litre or about 460bhp. Much more and it would just be getting far too close to the 100bhp/litre of the Ford GT. And there is no way (not matter how much we want them to) that Ford will produce a equal or more powerful performance car for circa $40k when the GT cost 3 times that.
  6. the ford Gt offers more than just great power even if the egine were identical in every way, you would still not get the total perfomance of the GT
  7. and if you trusting C&D on the eaton call i wouldn't really turst that

  8. I understand, but i'm talking about just the motor... it sells for around 44K or so last time i saw.... that tells you its more than just an aluminum block with dry sump oiling.
  9. the reason it costs so much right now is because ford just spent tons of money on research and development for the engine thats all done know

  10. i highly doubt they'd charge 40K for a motor if it was only "worth"(according to your logic) around 15-20K, therese a huge discepency.... i'm basing it off the cost of the '03 cobra crate motor... it goes for around 12K, add about 5-8K for it being a 5.4 and you're within '07 cobra motor range(just an educated guess from my part), theres no way they'd charge 28K over an '03 cobra motor just because its a 5.4 aluminum block. no way.
  11. I don't reckon thats the whole picture as most of the R&D will be associated with the 5.0 Cammer race engine and the s/c 4.6 Cobras and 5.4 lightenings. Thats the advantage of the modular design.

    I think there are 2 polictical reasons why it costs so much.

    1. The Ford GT is a very expensive play thing, only likely to be owned by rich peoepl, just like a Ferrari or Lambo. So if they need a new engine in one then they will happily pay stupid prices the same as all the other supercar makers.

    2. The other side of the coin, is the DOHC 5.4 twin screww is Fords premier performance engine, being sold ONLY in a very expensive and exclusive supercar. If jo bloggs on the street could buy a crate variant for $10k and slap it in a 5 year old Mustang and get the same performance it would certainly damage the reputation and prices of the GT.

    There must be some technical changes and R&D costs to cover, but sadly for us the reason it cost so much is most likely entirly political.
  12. thats not my logic at all i never said anything about what they were charging or that it was just because of a 5.4 and aluminum block i'm threw with this its like talking to a 3 yr old
  13. From what I remember the Mustang Cobra's motor is closer to the motor used in pickups then to the Ford GT, but I forget which pickup exactly (be it a lightning or regular F series) Which would mean it would be less expensive to produce because it uses a lot of common high production parts.
  14. oh yes there is, because people will and I'm sure do pay it.
  15. haha, i was simply giving my opinion/educated guess, you're the 3 year old for making that coment... what i meant when i said "by your logic" was that you seem to think that the Ford GT motor and the shelby motor are pretty much the same thing other than the aluminum block and oiling system, my point is they're not, there's a lot more than that, thats why i brought up the price of the ford gt motor, that tells you theres a lot more of a difference than you might think... re read my posts, it may make sence to you after reading them again. :shrug:
  16. exactly, and thats why the ford Gt is more, because there was a lot more put into it other than just throwing an aluminum block and an SC

  17. Which is why they charge so much for it b/c of the R/D coletti also said "Do you think we'd spend all this money on R/D and only use it on one car" they are detuneing it so its not the same b/c belive it or not most consumers are not like us, and will not mod there vehicle
  18. to be honest no one knows for sure what the cobra will be like as far as the motor goes othere than a supercharged 5.4L, I just dont see Ford putting in a Ford GT motor on the Cobra and thats that, because like i said i do believe its more than just an aluminum/dry sump difference between the two, but i guess we wont know untill the production version is set in stone.

  19. Yeah, i meant right, lol, sorry, getting my sides confooosed...
  20. and the guys were right, it does go to what ever has the least traction, usually right though, but if you take a sharp left turn, you could get the left rear to spin good...