How Fat are ya?

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  1. How much does your car weigh with you and gas? Everyone says our cars are heavy pigs, but from what i have seen, they aren't that heavy!
  2. my emissions sheet says 3280. and the 03 cobra is like 3600+. the f-bodies were like 100 or 200 pds heavier i think. but the only cars that are lighter significantaly are the sports compact.
  3. Mine weighed in at 3280lbs. That's with, 1/4 tank of fuel, spare tire, jack, tire iron, $2.54 in ashtray, non-vacuumed and without me.
  4. I weighed in at 3250 with me in it running on fumes (i weigh about 170-175). Had chrome cobra R's all around. Let me know if you want the list of weight loss items.
  5. my AODE convert ( heaviest mustang made) weighed in at 3550 with me in it ( 150lbs) and a 1/2 tank of fuel, with a Vortech ( added weight) with the rear seats and pass seats removed ( 45-55lbs total) all else in tact and stock.

    My 01 GT AODE coupe ( non mach460, cloth interior) weighs in at 3150 without me, or 3300 with me.
  6. Where do you guys usually go to weigh your cars?

  7. i weighed mine at the track
  8. track for me as well.
  9. Well mine is weighed at the state weigh station for big trucks so it has to be accurate. With me in it (~175lbs), fumes in the tank, no jack or spare, with the alum heads, etc it was 3536lbs. After seeing these different weghts posted and mine being more than a convertable on here I need to find where ford hid those damn lead plated in my car.
  10. Yea i would go some where else.. That is way to high for a coupe with alum heads..
  11. Probably not going to see a difference since those are dead on accurate scales. They have to stand up in court all the time for truckers fighting tickets and they have to be checked and calibrated all the time and they are always in spec.
  12. Mine at the track too but I really don't trust it. They are not calibrated often like the weigh stations. Moroso is a crappy track to begin with. The scale has to be 25 years old.
  13. Mine weighed 3420 with me (approx 200 lbs) and this heavy ass body kit (fiberglass front and rear covers), little over 1/4 tank, no spare or anything but I was carrying mt mounted drag radials (guy wouldn't let me take them out on the scale). Weighed in on a CAT scale at truck stop....
  14. 3250 here, vib where do you live?
  15. :lol: I forgot to put how much my car weighs! It's in my sig.
  16. 3670lbs with me in the car, no spare, jack, pass seat, 1/4 tank of fuel, removed 25lb pass weight, trunk carpet, etc. I'm ~170lbs. I weigh mine on my uncle's scales at his stone business. They are officially calibrated twice a year. Track scales seem to vary a lot from what I've seen.
  17. With him, it was 3600 lbs.

    Was that $2.54 in pennies or quarters? Big difference in weight! :shrug:
  18. Mine weighed 3500 with me (rounded to the nearest 25#, at a weigh station). Both me and the car are pigs. :D And both of us are on a diet this winter :rlaugh:.

  19. My cars weight was 3780 :eek: with me, 1/8 tank of gas, and the spare and jack removed (hence the Project Piggy name). This was with 2003 Cobra wheels, which added 80 lbs according to Englishtowns scale. The scale wasn't working last time I went there. Im wondering how much it weighs now a rollbar and LTs :crazy: . Also, Im 200lbs, but that still leaves my car at almost 3600lbs. I need to take off the 25lb weight and get some aluminum heads :nice: .
  20. Dave, with the stock heads, 25lb weight still in the car, roll bar, ground effects, etc my car weighed in at 3803lbs at Englishtown. My buddy's '99-newer white saleen S281 speedster weighs almost exactly the same as my car on the scales, and he ran their all the time.