How hard do you drive your GT?

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  1. Just got mine, havnt really laid into it yet... just a quick 4th gear burst on a highway from 60-75 or so, it just started really pulling when I let off... I nailed it from a slight roll in first up to about 3500 rpm, but aside from that thats pretty much it.

    I dont plan on driving it hard all the time, but I will probaly give it some hell occasionaly.

    How hard do you guys drive yours..? And how hard is to hard for one of these cars? The 4.6 seems like it begs to be revved up.
  2. these things love to rev, and I'll admit lately Ive beat the living hell out of mine :D

    Think about this: How many Patrol cars and Taxi cabs have you seen that are Crown Vics? Guess what motor they have in them? Those cars get beat to hell every day and have a lot of miles on them. The 4.6 is a durable motor, as long as you stay on top of routine maintenance.
  3. I got 410s so im up in the rpms all the time :D
  4. I don't beat on my car much at all, but I know it can take it if I want to
  5. yea you have to get these 4.6's up in the revs to start moving. they just really start picking up after 3000 rpm. anyway heres my story.

    i bought mine brand new. i drove it like grandma to break it in. i still drove it like that for 2 years after that because i just wanted to take care of it.

    let me tell you when i pulled the heads to put the new ones on, there was more carbon build up then a car with my miles should have. we cleaned it up and put the new heads on. since then i shift at 2500-3000 in my normal driving. when getting on it, its in the 5500 range.

    i attribute the carbon to babying the car too much.:nono:
  6. Whats a good RPM to shift at wide open throttle on a pretty much stock engine? Do they stop building power after 5k or anything?

    And what is the rev limiter set at..? 6k?
  7. 5500 :)

    WOT everytime I get behind the wheel.
  8. i own a courrier service, and to save money i do drops myself... since everything is on a deadline... well, i beat the hell out of it... hence why i am working on the brakes and suspension now... gotta get there faster. i dont rev passed 5000 currently as i have detonation i am trying to figure out when its warm (tuner is after suspension). so i rip into turns, accelerate heavily, and brake like i'm about to rearend a semi... 120k and going

  9. I drive the piss out of my GT.
    I love exit ramps with any corners in them where I push it to the limit every single time I can, where you can HEAR the tires barely keeping contact with the pavement. Granted, it's not very good, but its still exhilarating no matter how bad the suspension is.

    I rev match into gears where I know I only might have 5 mph left, but I hit it anyways and shift quick. Once I learned how to match the rpm's correctly, the car feels like its an automatic with the lurchless shift into power.

    In really spirited driving I often keep the revs in 5000+ while around corners where I know im going to punch it in a second or two.

    I love my car. I keep it in good maintinence though to prevent as many problems as possible.

    Oh, and Burning Rubber, drop it to 3rd if you're at 60 :D The top end of 2nd gear is like 63 or something. Fourth gear at those speeds is like a calm passing gear for me.

    Edit Again: Oh and I love doughnuts. I don't do many anymore to save on THIS set of tires, but I've gotten pretty good at them. And I can "drift" into a corner with comfortable control now as well.

    Point is: The Mustang loves to be driven :D
  10. Yep, the rev limiter is in the neighborhood of 6k, and a good shift RPM is 5500.

    While we're on the subject of beatin on our cars, does anyone else burn about a quart of oil every 5k miles?
  11. Yeah.. I set my shiftlight to go off on 5500 RPMs, cuz by the time I respond it usually hits right at redline.

    I don't get on mine all the time for no reason, because well.. gas is expensive lol. But when I race I beat the **** out of it.. 3k launches on DR's, powershifting, and redlining :) lol
  12. I need a new tranny. What does that tell you? :)
  13. I drive my GT hard ocassionly. When I race at the track, I take it all the way to 6k rpm. I don't feel it loosing power so my foot stays on the gas. Like others have stated, the 4.6 is pretty durable.
  14. I personally never beat on mine. I can count on one hand how many times i've done a short burnout. It also hasn't been to the track yet and i dont really race.

    Thats going to change though....once i get these 3.73s in, its Track time :D
  15. I was racing mine at the track and when i was shifting to 4th it hit 2nd and it was a powershift and nothing broke in the car just a lot of noise and just scared the **** out of me.
  16. I just put in a trans in December at 30,000K! I bought the car used though so i don't know if i was the one who caused that or not.
  17. I drive my car kinda easy and there is times I'll let it sift around 3 grand but just matters on how i feel at the time lol..
  18. I never do burnouts and only occassionally break traction on take-off. But I always shift over 3K and often shift over 5K if there's nobody in my ****ing way.
  19. frequently revving high will increase oil consumption, but 1 quart every 5k is rather high. look for leaks, or take it in to the dealership.
  20. I take mine up to 130 everytime Im in it.