How hard do you drive your GT?

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  1. I only drive mine hard when threatened by a blood
    thirsty Ricer, camaro, or perhaps another stang, then
    its WOT time.
  2. I pretty much mash the throttle every chance I get hence the 15 mpg, I don't do burnouts or stupid **** like that but mostly spirited driving, I didn't buy the car to baby it. I was the same way with my '02 GT.
  3. I drive mine like I stole it but I don't rev too high, usually I shift just under 5k.

    Haven't gotten a ticket yet but this car loves to go fast.
  4. i dont know ... i bent 3 valves, spun a main and tore the synchros out of the trans... i take it as easy as possible hahaha!! It was made to run and I run it at every chance
  5. Amen to that.
  6. This tire was 4,000 miles old


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  7. I lost count of how many bottles I have gone thru at around 50. That was 6 months ago. :D
  8. My stang looks like she still came off the dealer lot,hell stil has the leather smell inside of her,and 37,000 kilometers on her,but i beat the hell out off her.Seen the dyno with 1500 km's,and the track at 2000 km's.I'm very impressed with her.Nothing has broken down yet,knock on wood,even the stock 3650 trans doesn't even have an issue with any grinding.I can't even biggin to think how many passes she seen down the track since i bought her new :shrug: ,plus i've been shifting her at 6200 rpm since the first day at the track.I don't even use her as a daily driver,just pleasure,and i get my pleasure.It's my treat at the end of the work day or work week when i take her to play :D .I try my best to get every single buck out her.Pampering does nothing in my opinion,and yes my opinion,because if i were to ever sell her,someone else will just beat the snot off her anyways,so you man aswell enjoy her. :p :nice:
  9. I thought I drove mine pretty hard but after reading some of the posts in this thread I am gonna say I drive it moderately hard :rlaugh:
  10. :eek: that's awesome!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol:

    My fav. 2 posts of this thread by a long shot.. that ****'s hilarious!!

    I go WOT about once a day :D

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  11. And it further justifies the reason I never let anyone drive my car without me in it.
  12. I drive mine pretty damn hard, and my gas mileage shows it, lol. I usually shift round 3k RPM, and go WOT once or twice a day through second gear, sometimes third, getting onto the freeway.

    The only time I've really made a boo-boo with the car is I got a little shift-happy and instead of putting the car into 3rd I put it into 1st and yeah, I never heard the poor thing scream so bad, lol - But it's still perfectly fine after 64k miles! Original clutch!
  13. Lets just say that you can pull my heads off RIGHT NOW and I bet you wouldnt find a trace of carbon in there :D.

    It gets a nice 6K run just about everytime I drive it...and sometimes 2 or 3+++++++ :D.
  14. i rev mine to 4k just to hear it in traffic. bumper to bumper traffic. 5800 for effect. loud as hell. i turn the radio off to listen to it.

    hell, i ran it 95 miles an hour in rush hour traffic. i had to dodge a few cars and drift the ass end out a little, but it was invigorating. when i say rush hour i mean just enough space to dodge left and right at 95. of course 0 -95 happens pretty quick now. most of you would crap your pants riding with me.
  15. I baby my car

    No clutch drops
    Never spun the tires
    Never powershifted
    past 100MPH only once
    Rarely Chirp 2nd gear
    Ran it down track 1 time (went 14.1) and then that's it.
    Hasn't been past 4500RPM in god knows how long.
    When people go WOT trying to race me i just let em go :(

    I just don't have the desire to beat on it...i save that for the 5.0 :)
  16. I usually shift at 2k driving to and from work everyday...maybe rev it out to 3-4k sometimes when im coming home late so the full exhaust echoes off the city sidewalks and buildings....
    Ive never powershifted the car before and I usually dont run it to hard at all....I do however get on it a few times a week...I just cant help myself I guess.
  17. i mostly baby my car now but it's not by choice.

    at 7:30 in the morning i don't really feel like hittin gears at 5k rpm or taking corners at 30+ and kicking the ass end out. it's only a 10 min trip and i'm still half asleep.

    not much room to run here in vegas anyway:shrug:

  18. I think I got most of it out of my system tonight... I got a real good feeling for the car.

    Did one small burnout... revved it up, popped clutch and hardly hit the brake, let off a second later, just coasted it down. Held the burnout alot higher than I wanted to though, around 5500 RPM and thats why I let off ASAP.

    Tached it up a few times to around 4 grand (is that too high to do once a day?) and shifted at around 5500 to get a nice bark shifting into 2nd gear.

    Kicked the ass out once or twice, and im spent.

    I want this thing to last... so im saving the beating for the track if it ever opens back up.
  19. 48...49...50...51...and thats just the time slips I can find. 150k+ and still getting faster with each pass...oh...and I don't care if you are in an F-body LS1. I'll still try like hell to stay within 4 lengths. :D

  20. I would love to ride in that car :)