How hard do you drive your GT?

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  1. Lets just hope I get the job done tonight and prove to those GM boyz that liter for liter ford has the power :nice:
  2. :Word::flag:
  3. I'll be gloating :D

    Story...guy blew his LS1 so he swapped cammed 4.8 Chevy into his Bird until his other enigine is fixed. So we have a 4.6 vs 4.8 showdown tonight.
  4. a pair of DR's lasted me right around 2800 miles........:D
  5. liter for liter, Honda has us all beat.

    Sad but true.
  6. not all of us!:D
  7. I pound on mine. repairs are cheap for me since I only buy the parts and to be honest nothing breaks on these damm cars when your at or near the stock HP.

    I have powershifted my car countless times since i have owned it ( minium 5-6 times a day when it's nice out) and I bet the original owner pounded on it ( I hope so, I hate carbon clogged motors) and when I sell it ( might sell soon) the guy that maybe buying it pounds the hell out of cars.

    it's a mustang not a 1 of 3 1970 hemi road runner vert

    I will keep that in mind the next time I go to the "per liter track" :rolleyes:
  8. litre for litre pro stock ford hashonda beat N/A.

    top fuel has honda beat forced induction. 8.2l = 7500hp. vs 2.2l = 1000 hp.

    compare apples to apples.

    435rwhp mach1 vs 240fwhp civic. not really a comparison eh. honda has nobody beat.

    BMW 1980's F1. 1.5l = 1200hp. honda is kind of a joke don't you think.

    if you want to compare stock weigh to stock weight.
    other wise a full cromemoly frame mustang weighs a few hundred pounds more than a honda. i can go on and on.
  9. EVERYTIME through the woods with no traffic WOT till about 85-90 then come off...not too quick cause an auto..but still FUN
  10. Sucks it had to be a $400 tire though. Damn 295/35-18's. :D
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  12. I would do powershifts at 6500 probably 40+ times a day. Not to mention rolling burnouts, sliding around corners, etc.. So no, 4 grand is not too high to do once a day.
  13. I drive mine hard every now and again. Love to pull hard out of corners, what a feeling :nice:
  14. I cut my first donut last night...:hail2:

    Ive done them offroad a million times in my 4x4, but this was my first onroad one. I was amazed at how easy it was to do... it did exactly what I wanted it to. Went in smooth, spun around smooth, and came out smooth.

    I have also discovered the art of fishtailing...
  15. I love donuts!! I used to do those all the time, until I wore a set of BFG KDW's down to the threads :(

    Haven't done any since, so I forgot how it feels haha.. But I won't be doing any burnouts or anything on these tires, too expense for that :D
  16. I have done maybe 6 burnouts and no dounts!
  17. I'm starting to drive mine harder and harder everyday. I don't always go WOT....but it almost always gets more than half throttle....with 4-5k shifts. And once I can get some suspension work done...I'll never slow down!
  18. When I do get mine out at least once a week it will be seeing some 7K+ shifts. I didn't build the car and put all this money into it to drive it like a granny.
  19. I hate to admit it, but I really have never thought about how hard I drive my car... This is my 3rd 4.6 mustang and all of them I have driven "Hard" eg taken to redline (Or very close) at least once every time I drive it. Most of my normal shifting is around 4k.

    I have always done very meticulous maintenance, and how many times has one of my mustangs broke down?

  20. on a scale 1 to 10 if the 10 is the hardest I am at 8+ all the time......