How hard do you drive your GT?

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  1. 7.5 but for the body 2 wrecks in a month :rlaugh: 1. Rabbit going 100. 2 A fence :shrug:
  2. i bust u turns with the wife in the car... tap the throttle...when it burns good, turn the wheel left followed immediatley by lifting off of the throttle... let the ass end stop sliding, and move on. the other way. she really hates that.
  3. please be careful. fishtailing really is an art. i cant tell you how many times i almost got really hurt/killed from being young and dumb and fishtailing all over the place. take it a little at a time. learn the characteristics of your car. learn the limits. also check out the book Going Faster by Skip Barber. its a book on performance driving and racing, but it was the most useful book ive ever read about driving. how to control your vehicle and how to control slides. just be very careful, especially when practicing on the street.

  4. Boy, you are right on that one. I almost lost control of my car last week when I hit 3rd gear too hard around a turn. Luckily nobody else was around when I was sideways on the other side of the road. Gotta be careful out there...

  5. Yup... definatly good info. I actually trained myself when I first got my licence and my Jeep. I went out to an old development that was just a PERFECT setup of twisty and straight dirt roads, sharp corners and what not... and I just went out and drifted, spun out, slid... everything. It taught me alot, plus all of the other stuff I used to do.

    I feel pretty confident behind the wheel of the Mustang, and the way I look at it is, im not gonna do anything stupid to endanger my or others saftey, or to destroy my car after I put hard earned money into buying it.

    If I mess around (aside from the occasional spinning off the line) theres no one around. Im definatly not the guy to be doing 85 in a 45 weaving in and out of cars trying to catch the ricer in front of me...:nonono:
  6. Well, nailing it in first gear up to 3500rpm is a little on the wild side, if i were you id take it a little easier:lol: :rlaugh:

    Man, in my normal driving i dont shift under 3500rpms, everytime i get into my car i redline in a few gears, i floor it at least 4-5 times everytime i drive my car, ive ahd my car brand new and ive put 45k miles of pure all out driving... and its holding up like the first day i drove it:nice:
  7. ever since i got my prochamber midpipe and gears my gas milage has gone down the drain