How hard/easy is it to change the dimmer switch 90 coupe?


May 23, 2006
Sugar Hill, Ga
Appears my dimmer switch is gone. When the headlights are on I have no gauge lights. If i turn the dimmer switch all the way to rt the dome light will come on and then the gauge lights will work. I have it rigged up now and just leave the switch turned all the way to the rt and have pulled the bulb out of the dome light. If it try to dim the lights by turning switch back to the left all the gauge lights go out. I assume the switch is bad. Has anyone replaced this part? If so what is involved? Seems like it would not be difficult but I have not looked at it closely. Thanks for any help.
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Prime Lord

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Sep 19, 2000
Once u pull the shroud off of the gauge cluster it's just two bolts. Pull and replace. I usually have to put another one in every time I pull the shroud for something else. Maybe one of these days I'll break down and buy a brand new one. Heh.