how hard is it to install supercharger

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  1. Havent posted in a few day but i need to talk to some guys who have installed there own superchargers procharger with aftercooler or is it better to get done by a pro let me know thanks
  2. Never done the procharger I have a Vortech. Mine took a couple of hours. Yours with an intercooler is gonna be a bitch. The front clip needs to come off. Well some people don't take it off but it will be easier to install the intercooler this way. If you've never done a blower at all then leave it to a pro.
  3. It depends, if your an average or better mechanic and you have another car to drive for however long it takes, then go for it. I did my own, as well as help 2 other buddies out, and it's pretty basic. Just read the instructions and decide if you want to tackle it. If you don't feel comfortable with punching oil pans etc. then leave it to a pro!
  4. took about 4 -5 hours the first time..
  5. I ain't no pro mechanic, but did my own procharger with intercooler install, and while I was at it installed new headers, roller rockers and 30 lb injectors. Don't plan on 4-5 hrs though! ATI's instuctions were bad at best, and I ended up having to cut off one of the hard pipes from the blower to the intercooler to make it fit. But all in all it worked out well.
  6. I'm in the same boat, looked at the manual-it's ugly. The only plus for me is its the self contained unit, no oil lines. My shop wants $700 to install OUCH!!! I can't believe there serious.
  7. Yea that's a bit much. The max should be around $500.
  8. thanks for all your info it helped me alot i think im going to try it and then if i mess up or gets to confusing ill get a pro but i do have another car just bought a 03 ranger so the time it takes wont matter