How hard is timing belt replacement?

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  1. It looks like its time to replace the timing belt on my '93 LX 2.3. How hard is this to do? What all needs to be removed? Any tips from someone that has done it? Is there a tensioner that should be replaced also? :shrug:
  2. I think it's pretty easy, but then I've done it a few times.

    Crank the engine over to TDC, then remove the serpentine belt, crank pulley, and water pump pulley (you may also find it easier to remove the timing cover if you take off the serpentine tensioner).

    Remove the four bolts and large allen head screw holding the timing cover on and remove it.

    Release the tension on the tensioner...this is a pain in the ass. You have to loosen the bolt next to the tensioner, then forcefully release tension on the belt. In the past I have used a coat hanger, and I've also just pushed on the tensioner with my hand and leaned on it while I tightened the bolt.

    Once you release the tension, remove the belt. You can check the tensioner to see if it needs replaced, I've never had one that actually did.

    Line up the mark on the cam sprocket with the center mark on the plastic indicator. Take off the distributor cap and turn the distributor drive sprocket until the rotor is pointing at the #1 terminal (edit, not on your engine, sorry). Verify that the crank is still at TDC (or close), if you put at it TDC before you started and it didn't rotate it should be fine.

    Install the new belt. Be aware that it is very hard to get the belt taut between all the sprockets without moving them, but you want it as tight as you can get on every side except the one with the tensioner to minimize the amount the sprockets will move when the tensioner takes the slack out of the belt.

    Reinstall everything, then start the engine and time it.

    Crap, I just typed all this and realized you have a DIS car :doh:

    I don't know how the distributor part works on those things...the sprocket is still there, but obviously no distributor. Not sure how you time it either.
  3. Well, I should have to remove the belt in much the same fasion as you described, so that answers some of my questions. Thanks:nice: