how hard would it be to add a turbo to a 2.3 ?

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  1. i just picked up a 2.3 convertible from the auction. it is a stick and runs good. would the motor handle a turbo, just something like the svo set up ?
  2. It will handle ~10psi fairly safely, but 15+ and some detonation will likely result in broken ring lands.
  3. It's really more complicated than just "adding" a turbo...

    For the real deal, you gotta put in a turbo engine. Trust me, you wouldn't be happy with the limited amount of boost you could run on the stock cast pistons.
  4. Curious what you paid at auction for it. Oh and why havent you included pics of it????

    Bought mine for 300 but it looked like this. S7300294.JPG

    not at an auction.

    I just aquired most of the parts for the turbo. E6 manifold complete svo intake with tb, injectors, everything on it and an LA3 comp with 3 inch VAM. all for about 250.

    There are those who rcommend the forged pistons and those who say you can get away with it for a lil while. I intend to pull the 2.3 and just rebuild the one I have.

    GL and post pics. I should try to post some progress pics.:nice:
  5. Turboford dot net for the win! A fair bit of the guys from over there are on here as well. Check out Stinger Performance as he's got some "How to's" on his site for turbo conversion.